3 Tips Before Planning To Get A Freestanding Bath

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If you want to add more style to your bathroom, getting a freestanding bath will surely do it. These baths give that feel of sophistication and luxury that can make any bathroom more visually pleasing.

There are many freestanding baths online with unique designs and features, but before buying this wonderful product, it’s best to carefully plan things first. So, how do you choose the best freestanding bath?

Determine the size and dimensions

Before anything else, you first have to determine what size of bathtub you want so you can shorten your list. As was said before, there can be a lot of freestanding baths online, and if you just buy the first bath you see, you might end up with something that will not even fit your bathroom. 

It is recommended that your bath have at least 1 foot of space from your wall and basin. This will give you enough space to move around in your bathroom. Due to popularity and demand, freestanding baths now have various designs and sizes. 

People even prefer small and medium freestanding baths so they can save up more space. This means that even if you have a small bathroom, you can still find a freestanding bath that is perfect for your lifestyle. But take note that freestanding baths are a lot taller than built-in bathtubs. So consider this factor if you have people with disabilities and pets.

Choose the style that you want.

Freestanding tubs can come in different styles, typically modern or traditional. Deciding on what you want will depend on what kind of aesthetics or function you are looking for. Here are some examples of freestanding tubs available in the market.

Pedestal – baths that have a pedestal base

Slipper – has two sides with a slope so people can recline more comfortably.

Clawfoot – uses “feet” to raise itself from the floor instead of a sitting flush.

Roll-top – has rolled over edges for more comfort.

Japanese soaking tub – small but taller baths that can be perfect for a small bathroom. They can sometimes be made of wood and have seats.

Soaker tub – a standard but deeper tub for bathing

Whirlpool tub – massages you with you high-pressure air and water

Air tub – uses heated air bubbles to massage you instead of high-pressure air and water.

Know what kind of material you want

Freestanding baths can vary in weight and price depending on the material, so choose carefully. What you want is a bath that your bathroom can support and is perfect for your budget. Acrylic is best when it comes to affordability. Unfortunately, they can be prone to cracking. You can fix it quickly, though.

If you want the most durable type, you might opt for a cast iron bath, but note that they are heavier and more expensive than acrylic tubs. The most expensive ones are copper, stone or wood baths which are also very high maintenance. But the style and impact that they give can never be replicated by acrylic or cast iron baths.

When it comes to luxury and style, you can never go wrong with freestanding baths. So before you go and buy one yourself, be sure to come back and reread this article so you can find the perfect freestanding bath that will fit your lifestyle.

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