10 quick tips about Whirlpool double door fridges

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According to the latest reports, the Indian refrigerator industry is expected to acquire $434.04 billion in revenue by 2025. An increasing number of smart homes and nuclear families, and of course, the sustained rise of hot and humid weather conditions are a few key reasons why the Indian refrigerator industry has achieved such immense growth.

To harness this growth, reputed brands like Whirlpool have been launching affordable models equipped with advanced technological innovation. However, with the myriad choices out there, consumers often find it difficult to choose their favourite model. While purchasing a Whirlpool refrigerator, the following are a few tips one can refer to –

  1. Capacity

Considering the size of the family you have, you need to decide the capacity of the fridge you need to purchase. Double door fridges generally feature a capacity between 250 litre and 350 litres and are adequate for a family of up to four members.

If this capacity range suffices, borrowers can go for Whirlpool double door fridge models with Adapta shelves featuring zigzag holders that can provide you ample space to store all perishable edibles properly.

  • High energy rating

Even though most Whirlpool refrigerator have received a 4-star rating and come with the authenticity of the EER tag, you need to check if your preferred model has this tag.

A higher star rating basically denotes more energy efficiency, which is required to optimise savings on electricity bills.

  • Compare different compressors

Most of the large-sized double door fridges come with inverter compressors these days. However, you can also opt for general compressors depending on your cooling requirement. The first one is comparatively more adaptable in nature and can run at different speeds depending on the weather conditions, and is thus recommended.

  • Check the cleaning method

Most of the double door fridges feature multiple shelves, which inevitably take up a lot of time to clean. In order to save your cleaning time, make sure to check the shelf material and consider opting for fridges that feature shelves with a smudge-free finish instead of stainless steel.

  • Fridges with gel-filled Cool Pad

If you are ready to splurge more, consider purchasing refrigerators equipped with gel-filled pads that ensure sure that the temperature inside a freezer stays even. This further helps in the event of power cuts to keep your stored food and vegetables fresh for a long duration. 

  • Look for in-built surge protection

In case the power situation is not stable in your locality, it is wise to opt for Whirlpool fridges that have in-built surge protection. Even though such products are relatively more expensive than regular fridges, you can purchase them from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store utilising via no-cost EMIs and enjoy benefits like prompt delivery.

  • Try the Frost-Free feature

Make sure to opt for models that come with a Frost-Free feature since it prevents your food from being subjected to freezer burn. However, models equipped with this feature can consume more electricity because of the fans that are used to circulate the cool air evenly.

  • Embrace new Microblock technology

To prevent bacteria build-up in your food, opt for fridges equipped with a unique anti-microbial additive. The latest Whirlpool double door fridges are designed with an air tower along with flexi vents that ensure even distribution of cold air inside the freezer.

  • Try 5-in-1 convertible modes

Amidst the growing popularity of smart devices, Whirlpool is coming up with several advanced models. Models featuring this technology offer different refrigerating options, for instance, deep freeze mode, dessert mode, all-season mode, etc., depending on the weather conditions and cooling requirements.

  1. Price

A major concern remains the expense of Whirlpool fridges since the presence of such unique specifications sometimes leads to a hike in the prices. However, individuals can go through the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store to compare different products from a similar range and go for a suitable refrigerator using the No Cost EMI facility.

Apart from getting easy access to the specifications list and user reviews, customers also get to check the product availability by providing PIN code details.