Uncovering the truth of Master Shifuji: An Imposter or A Patriot?

Master shifuji proofs

Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj has always been in the news mainly for his bold Nationalists apolitical remarks. He is known to spread Staunch Patriotism through his videos and mass public speeches. He is respected and regarded worldwide by the Experts and Legends of Counter-Terrorism, Counter-Insurgency but why is he being defamed and continuously trolled in India.

Is Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj a Fraud or a genuine commandos Mentor?

Allegations Vs. Reality as per closure reports- 

He is regularly accused of donning a military dress with a maroon beret, Marcos badge and balidan insignia, his credentials as a freelance trainer and freelance commandos mentor to the Special Forces and armed forces have often been questioned. Few communists and leftist-led houses and a few suspected anti-national elements question his patriotism and even boldly ask him about his contribution to youth, women empowerment, and the Nation.

There is no single evidence online and offline to establish the fake allegation of him being an army impostor. However, he has always declared that he has provided his MITTI System’s mentoring services to the Elite Special Forces, Indian armed forces, paramilitary forces, state police, and enforcement agencies. He has provided his completely “Free of Cost” mentoring services, trained many specialised military units in his long career as a freelance commandos mentor, freelance commando trainer, and is instrumental in developing customised close armed combat and requirements based strategic training programs for both the Armed forces and state-level forces. 

What is the issue with Grandmaster Shifuji’s military uniform?

  • Master Shifuji dresses up like any other private Tactical Combat professional indirectly serving the armed forces, keeping discipline and extreme fitness robustness as a part of his profession as a freelance commandos mentor.
  • The beret and the badge are synonymous with ranks and acknowledgement of exemplary service towards the Nation. Also, as per India’s legislation, it is not prohibited by any law that a mentor, trainer while conducting a training session cannot wear combat, stylish camouflage pants and beret of any colour.  
  • Grandmaster Shifuji wears his trademarked emblems on his maroon beret registered a decade ago under Trademarks act 1999. He also has a copyrighted clothing style.

Final Investigation:

  • Shifuji’s maroon beret is designed similar to the elite forces’ ones. It bears NO marks of the Indian armed forces, Indian Special Forces or the Indian government.
  • Shifuji’s badge is in a pattern similar to the badges of military ranks and combatants in other parts of the world (not in India) and available online for everyone. It is not the Balidan Badge (awarded to a rare few). The badge worn by Shifuji is alleged to be the MARCOS badge.
  • He never dresses up in a complete military, Indian Navy attire (even the jacket worn by Shifuji bore a cutout sticker of legendary revolutionary Martyr Bhagat Singh, which is not a protocol of the Indian Armed Forces).

Why has this controversy arisen again? 

  1. Is it because of the misleading articles from a few Indian media houses, news portals that are purposely titled so?  
  2. The titles were Such as i) FIR registered against Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj. ii) The Army Headquarters will check the Credibility of Fake Soldier Grandmaster Shifuji. iii) A chief trainer Shifuji is a Military Imposter, iv) How Fraud Shifuji duped Indians into thinking he is an Army man v) RTI responses from Ministry of defense Exposes Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj. vi) Fake soldier Shifuji fools innocent emotional Indians. With Hashtags and title tags like Shifu Ji is A Fake, Fake Fraud Soldier; Grandmaster Shifuji is Fraud, Shifuji Exposed, Grandmaster Shifuji A Fake Soldier who fooled many. 

Most of the articles mentioned above, contained the material and information sought by the following Sources- 

  • Single RTI reply from Indian NAVY (NO reply from Indian Air Force and Indian Army). 

The sources mention that Grandmaster Shifuji’s Legal team is challenging the response of the India Navy because that reveals the information related to training (covered under section 8 of the RTI ACT 2005 which restricts it to maintain the confidentiality of Special Forces Training Modules and every information.)

RTI Expert’s Opinion: Particular RTI answered on misleading baseless questions about Grandmaster Shifuji with Indian Navy. In 99.9% cases, any such RTI is denied under section 8 of the RTI act. 

  • Based on a girl and her friend’s written complaint to the Indian Army Senior Officials or (PRO) at Delhi Headquarters in the Year 2016-17. 

Claim Source Article of An Indian news portal-Dated- Tuesday, May 9, 2017. The news article  This girl and her friend (male) lodged complaint against Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj. 

The same complainant, the Lady Biker is BANNED now, based on MILITARY INTELLIGENCE Letter written to all seven commands Dated May 7 2018. 

Information source – Article published in the Indian Express Dated- May, 19,2018. Article Military intel Issues alert on Gujrat student. 

  • Based on a self-proclaimed Army officer’s complaint letter to the Police Commissioner of Mumbai, Maharashtra, dated- 13/12/2016. 

Claim Source- This comlainant circulated a complaint letter on social media in December 2016. 

He mentioned the address of Grandmaster Shifuji in the complaint letter and violated the Right to privacy of Shifuji’s family? He wrote this complaint letter on December 13, 2016, but as per official records the Complaint he mentioned 69954 closed on the 12/08/16 (as mentioned in closure report by Mumbai Police ) even after it was public that the Complaint is disposed and does not Merit an FIR.

Since some politician executives and opportunists were waiting to defame him, they initially tried to show everyone that he is ex-Army personnel. When this manipulation of him being an army officer was all over social media they declared him an imposter by taking advantage of his dress sense.

In this country, everyone has a right to give his assistance in Nation-building. Indian Armed Forces are not someone’s private property. Grandmaster Shifuji as a citizen has the right to assist the nation irrespective of the case as to whether he is asked on invitation or he wishes to.

Shifuji has a huge number of followers and this was done exactly to defame him. Nobody has any proof but you know how social media manipulation works. Thankfully, Grandmaster Shifuji has never given attention to such trolls.

Complaints lodged against Grandmaster Shifuji in 2016-17: A CLEAN CHIT

  1. One Direct Complaint to Mumbai Police Commissioner October – December 2016 – Closed on the 12/08/2016.
  2. Two Complaints to Crime Branch of Ahmedabad. Closed within 30 days after detailed Investigation by Gujarat Police Crime Branch.
  3. 17 complaints to the Ministry of Home Affairs. CLOSED, A detailed enquiry took place. According to reliable sources top most investigation agencies Examined and submitted a satisfactory report praising Grandmaster Shifuji. 
  4. 20-25 Complaints to the Ministry of Defence. ALL CLOSED, or else Shifuji would have been arrested in 4 years.

Would you believe the news portals, making money out of this controversy with all misleading old articles against Master Shifuji?
Would you believe the Investigating agencies and authorities like Crime Branches of State Police, Investigating Agencies of Central Government and Military Intelligence Agencies?