Women need equality not favor

Women need equality not favor
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Feminism this word has confused many people and some of us use it in a sarcastic way to make fun, but we always neglect solemnity of this burning topic. When it comes to feminism then there is a fine line between favor and equality. Concept of feminism came into existence to give women an equal place in patriarchal society.

Now a day’s many people use this concept as if they are favoring woman we should understand that woman does not seek for the charity they just need what they deserve. Women do not need free education they just need the right to get an education, they did not demand for job reservation they just need equal pay skills. A woman does not need any sympathy they just need what they deserve. Women are capable of taking their own stand and nobody has the right to take a decision on anyone’s behalf.

Freedom means you are unobstructed in living your life as you choose. Anything less is a slavery”
– Way Dyer

In India women even does not have the right to decide whether they can educate or not, their parents and spouse take all major decision on their behalf as if they are slave or animal. Why they are not given any chance to choose something for themselves it’s their right. This has to be change, people have to understand that everyone has an equal right to choose what they want to do with their life. And someone’s gender cannot decide their capability. And women have to take their own stand to change this orthodox thinking. Every moment when women stand up for herself, she stands for all and when she ignores her rights, every woman moves backward with her.

The fight to make this concept heard cannot end with an article this story has to go on and the society has to listen