Virat-Anushka took tea in this village, people could not recognize it.

Virat Anushka Holiday at bhutan
Image: Virat Kohli Twitter

Anushka and Virat Kohli, who are in the list of popular couples of the world, are spending their holidays in Bhutan these days. During this, some pictures of both of them are going viral on social media. Meanwhile, Anushka Sharma shared a post, in which she shared the beautiful moments of her journey. In this post, he mentioned a small village in Bhutan, where both of them got a lot of love. Yes, these pictures of Anushka and Virat became increasingly viral on social media, behind which a unique and lovely story is hidden.

Often pictures of Anushka and Virat go viral on social media. Bowing between the two is also visible in these pictures. Explain that both of them love each other immensely. Not only this, today i.e. on November 5, Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli is celebrating his birthday, due to which he is spending time with his wife. Both have a shortage of time, but take time for each other and enjoy on small holidays.

Sharing a post, Anushka Sharma wrote that today we reached a small village in Bhutan, where we first fed a calf and then a family of people there offered us tea, then we went to their house to drink tea. went. The interesting thing is that they did not know who we are? In such a situation, we all had a lot of fun and during that time those people gave us a lot of love, which we will never forget. During this, he said that both of us are land-connected people.

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This is a memorable moment for us

Anushka Sharma further wrote in her post that an unknown family gave us so much love, even though they did not know us, it is a memorable moment for us and this is called the relation of humanity. Not only this, he further said that people who know me and Virat closely, know how much we love people connected to the ground, so this moment is very special for us, which we have captured in the camera.

Lessons taught to critics

Recently, Anushka Sharma wrote a lengthy letter denying the allegations leveled against her, ranging from Virat’s poor performance to the selectors. During this time, she had said that she goes to watch matches with her own money and only the family quota benefits her, in such a way she does not get any benefit of being the wife of Virat Kohli, due to which she has given such nonsense to people. Appealed for closure.