Uttar Pradesh: Woman kills pregnant second wife of husband in Moradabad

As per reports, Zafar himself had got the gun for Shabana which she used to shoot Mansi alias Alia, her husband's second wife. She learnt to operate the gun using YouTube, police said.

Woman kills pregnant second wife
Screengrab of the viral video

On Monday evening, a seven-months pregnant woman named Mansi Sharma (aka Alia) was reportedly shot by the first wife of her husband, Zafar, in Vidya Nagar Colony in the Civil Line area of Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh. After killing the victim, the accused, clad in burkha, walked around the body with a 9mm pistol in her hand. On being informed, the police reached the spot and arrested the accused. A video of the incident taken by a bystander has now gone viral on social media.

Both Alia and Shabana were married to a transport businessman named Zafar. While Shabana lived with her husband, Alia lived in a rented house in the same neighbourhood. Alia had married Zafar one and a half years ago and was seven months pregnant at the time of the incident. She was a Hindu prior to her marriage and was known by the name of Mansi Sharma.

As per reports, Shabana had 5 children with Zafar. Alia had married someone else before but had seperated from her husband. A state of fear and panic has gripped the people in the locality. A case of murder has been registered and the investigation in the matter is underway.

Shabana’s first target was Alia’s niece

As per reports, Shabana was planning to seek revenge since the time Zafar married Alia. She would engage in a verbal confrontation with her on an everyday basis. On the fateful day of June 8, Alia was returning home after buying medicines with her niece Muskan at around 7 pm in the evening. They were stopped on the road by Shabana who then open fired at Muskan. After the bullet missed the target, Alia stepped in to protect Muskan. Shabana then fired four bullets at Mansi alias Alia.

Shabana watched Youtube videos to commit the crime

The victim instantly fell on the ground. An unconcerned Shabana kept on talking to Alia while her body remained soaked in blood. She casually strolled around Alia’s body, waving her gun occasionally, while the victim succumbed to her injuries. According to police officials, the gun was provided to the accused by her husband Zafar who is absconding ever since the incident. She has confessed to her crime and said that she did not want the bullet to miss the target. Reportedly, Shabana learnt to use the gun by watching Youtube videos.

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