Top Mobile Games to Play with Your Girlfriend

Meeting your girlfriend too frequently might have been difficult in the current times. Do you think the lack of physical interaction has affected your relationship status? If yes, there is something that might help you ease the distance. These days, multiple online games have come into existence to ensure couples get time to spend more together on the virtual platform. This way, they can keep the same charm alive in their relationship without getting affected by the pandemic.

Recently, India Today cited an international study conducted by market research firm YouGov that observed the impact of the pandemic on romantic relationships. According to the global survey, around 15% of the population felt that their bond with their partners had been negatively affected. On the other hand, twenty-four percent of the people agreed that the pandemic has made their relationship stronger. We think online games have a part to play here!

In an era when partners are busy fulfilling their professional commitments, work-from-home set-up appeared to be a blessing as married couples got a chance to spend more time together without any worldly intervention. However, the case has not been the same for those in a relationship, whether long-distance or otherwise. The love birds who would frequently meet hardly got an opportunity to see each other physically. Given such tough times, here is a list of some fun online games that couples can play together to strengthen their bond.

If you think your relationship with your girlfriend lacks some fun, do try these games to retain the charm and excitement in your romantic affair.


Want to relive your childhood days with your partner? Plan a ludo game together. First, decide on a time that suits both of you. Then, download the gaming app of your choice and play ludo. Once you choose to play with friends, you will have a chance to create a room with an online generated code. You need to share the code with your partner. Once your partner enters the code on the app, both of you can start playing the fun game. But beware, Ludo games are infamous for creating some angry vibes too.

Heads Up

As a couple, the first goal is always to work as a team. In most online games, the two players who join act as opponents. However, Heads Up is a game that will give you a chance to work with your partner as a team. This game will test your compatibility. Yes, one partner will act, and the other will guess. The partner who will be guessing will keep the device on the forehead for the other player to check the word displayed on the screen. The word needs to be acted correctly for the other player to guess. Guessing the word will get you a point. Isn’t it interesting?


Do you think you know your partner well? If yes, it’s time to try rummy. The players who know how their partners think would easily defeat the latter in the game. You can build your sequences and sets based on the moves your partner is making. No matter which gaming platform you sign in to play rummy, the game rules would remain the same. The best part is that you may play as opponents or teammates with two more players accompanying you in the room. So observe and understand the moves of your partner and keep playing to record a win.

Speed Chess

Unlike heads-Up, you will be rivals while playing chess. The speed chess game is completely a brain game that enhances your cognitive skills and makes your brain sharper. If you win, you can prove you are smarter than your partner and if the other wins, be ready for a good round of self-praises.


The lockdown has given you a whole lot of time to do physical workouts. However, it would help if you did some mental workout too. If you are seriously thinking about your mental health, you can play poker online. You can play the game with your lady love. Poker will not only give you a fun and exciting experience but also let you both learn some valuable lessons that would help you understand each other better.


If you think she is overconfident about her general knowledge, challenge her for a game of quiz. This will surely be fun for both of you. If you win, she will never poke you again for your GK. If she wins, you will know who the smarter one is! In short, it will enhance your knowledge. Go for it. Register and start playing today.

Happy Couple

Happy Couple is one of the best games for the love birds. As soon as you log in to the platform, you will have five questions every day to answer about each other. Out of the five questions, three will remain the same for both of you. The rest of them would be a random pick by the app. Thus, playing this game will let you know how much you know each other. In short, this game will enhance the compatibility factor between you and your girlfriend.

So, are you ready to try the games mentioned above to add some fun to your romantic life? From reliving your childhood with ludo to enhancing your compatibility by playing Happy Couple, you can have different ways of regaining the charm you thought you lost during the pandemic. Go for it!