Top 10 Inventions by India That You Should Be Thanking Them

Top 10 Inventions by India That You Should Be Thanking Them

India is quite smart in introducing innovative technologies in the world. The great minds often come up with ideas that no one else can ever do. You can also see that many Indian professionals are managing great positions at multinational companies around the world. This is where success comes from.

Over the years, Indians brought several mindful and promising tech inventions that anyone can vouch for. Do you know which of the inventions by India are already trending?

Let’s find out impressive examples that will simply amaze you for sure.

Know These Popular Inventions By India

1.     Universal Serial Bus (USB)

An Indian-American architect brought a famous technology to us, making file sharing and storing convenient for us.

USB is a removable storage device that is known as a blessing to every individual around the world. It can store various files and folders, depending on the storage size. Unbelievably, the device comes in various shapes and sizes, which is even interesting to carry for storage purposes.

2.     Wireless Communication

Gone are the days when we used to communicate without remote families with traditional phones. The innovation in the industry marked an effective change, which again came from India.

Jagdish Chandra Bose is the pioneer of inventing wireless communication technology. It is now possible for every one of us to send and receive messages from any part of the world regardless of the communication device.

This means we now have wireless devices to connect with friends and family for transmitting messages. The online B2B marketplace is a reliable platform to buy wireless communication accessories to upgrade technology in your hands.

3.     Board Games

Our indoor lives would have become boring if there was no board game. This is the fun fact but true to the core.

Board games are another invention by India, which is promising in terms of increasing intellectual skills. Ludo,  chess, etc. are many board games that we often play to pass our time.

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4.     Eye Surgery

Medicinal transformations keep evolving because Indians know what can cure a patient with no side effects. Unbelievably, the worldwide healthcare industry witnessed a massive revolution concerning cataracts.

An Indian physician, Sushruta, came up with a new invention in which cataracts were treated without a hassle. The physician performed the first surgery to treat the disease that ultimately became successful.

5.     Radio

The radio is one of the world’s greatest inventions, which is again invented by an Indian. It has facilitated us with many unique features that are important in keeping us entertained.

Radio was introduced in a very different concept. Today, the invention has become a significant mode to keep onself informed and entertained at the same time.

6.     Ulta Chaata Harvester

Harvesting and producing renewable energy was a concern in India. However, a couple introduced the best solution to converge rainwater and use it in various areas for better consumption.

Ulta Chaata Harvester is a canopy that captures rain water and filters it out for various areas. Not only this, but the great Indian invention is effective in generating solar electricity that provides light to underdeveloped cities at night.

7.     Wind Turbines

Kerala’s invention is again vital to list here because this is extremely important in generating electricity for houses and commercial areas.

Low-cost Wind Turbines are a remarkable invention of Arun and Anoop, who were siblings and belonged to Kerala. They come up with this invention to generate more electricity to live a better life in India.

8.     Buttons

Buttons have come from India, and you should not be surprised to see how Indians introduced new ideas that are of more use today. The invention is from Indus Valley Civilization, which is almost 5,000 years back.

The first buttons were made from seashells, and then they were formed in different shapes and sizes. Many of us are fond of using this invention in our clothing, which gives a pop to the style if stitched properly.

9.     Natural Fibers

Do you know that products like cotton, wool, jute, etc., originate from India? Well, natural fibers are again the great invention to date. We can see a lot of products being manufactured from the fiber.

More interestingly, natural fibers were first discovered during Indian Valley Civilization. India is famous for exporting natural fiber products all around the world.

10.  Intel Pentium Chip

You may not know, but this is indeed the fact that India invents the world’s famous Intel Pentium chip.

Vinod Dham is known as the Father of Pentium Chip.

Final Thoughts

So, these were some famous inventions that you knew not. Look at how India has given a tough time to other developed countries, which are also challenging us to introduce vital inventions around the world. Let us reach global heights so that everyone may know our contribution to the modern world.

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