Three states did not implement new MV Act, you will be laughed knowing the reason

States did not implement new MV Act -THN
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The revised Motor Vehicle Act (MV Act) has been implemented nationwide from 1 September. The revised Motor Vehicle Act prepared by the Central Government provides for heavy fines. Compared to earlier, the amended Motor Vehicle Act provides for several times more fines. The Central Government has given exemption to the states that they can decide on the provisions of implementing the amended Motor Vehicle Act or not or the penalty in it.

After this, three states have refused to implement the amended Motor Vehicle Act which has been implemented across the country from September 1. One of these is BJP-ruled and two other Non-BJP-ruled states. These states have their own rationale behind not implementing the new Motor Vehicle Act. This means that the drivers of these four states will still have to pay the old fine for violating traffic rules.

In Ranchi, the drivers were given exemption on the first day, while in Ranchi, the traffic police could not be fined under the amended act due to the absence of software from the traffic police. Here old fine was charged from the people. Efforts are being made to implement it soon by updating the software in Ranchi.

New MV Act not implemented in these states

The three states that have refused to implement the amended Motor Vehicle Act include Non-BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and BJP ruled state Himachal Pradesh. Non-BJP ruled states have also started protesting about the amended Motor Vehicle Act.

Two decisions in two Congress-ruled states

The Kamal Nath government of Madhya Pradesh argues that it does not agree with the hefty provisions in the amended Motor Vehicle Act. Therefore, it is not currently implemented in the state. However, in Rajasthan, only the Gehlot government of Congress has implemented the amended Motor Vehicle Act. Giving information in this regard on Sunday, Gehlot Government Transport Minister Pratap Singh Khachariwas said that he has implemented the new Motor Vehicle Act, but he will review the fine.

Accidents will increase more accidents. The Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal governments argue that the amended motor vehicle act will increase road accidents. The fine should be such that people can fill it. After the imposition of heavy penalties, if the policeman stops a car or bike driver, then he will get an invoice of Rs 2000. To avoid such heavy fines, he will chase the car fast, so that the policeman can somehow escape. In such a situation, accidents will increase rather than decrease. This will not serve the purpose of preventing accidents.

Amount of money is beyond the reach of the common man.

Like Madhya Pradesh, Mamta Banerjee’s government in West Bengal has also refused to implement the amended Motor Vehicle Act with heavy fines. Mamta Sarkar also argues that the amount of fine in the amended Motor Vehicle Act is so high that it is out of the reach of the common man.

Higher penalty will increase corruption Rajasthan Transport Minister Pratap Singh Khachariwas believes that more fines are not related to accidents. Increasing the penalty amount will only increase corruption. The amended Motor Vehicle Act has been implemented, but a sit-in tax fine will be reviewed in this regard on Monday. The meeting will consider reducing the penalty amount. However, he also clarified that he is not challenging the Central Government’s decision or the amended Motor Vehicle Act.

According to Rajasthan Transport Minister Pratap Singh Khachariwas, there is a time of economic recession in the country. There are many people in the country who ride on motorcycles but cannot even make arrangements to fill their stomachs in the morning and evening. If he gets an invoice of 20 thousand rupees then how will he be able to get rid of the car? In such a situation, when he goes home, his child will cry and ask, ‘Papa Where is Gaadi’? The central government has increased the fine of 500 rupees to 5000 rupees and the fine of 2000 rupees to 25000 rupees directly.

Notification issued

Himachal Pradesh: The amended Motor Vehicle Act has not been implemented in the BJP ruled state of Himachal Pradesh. Notification has not yet been issued to implement the revised Act of the Central Government in the state. Note in this regard has been issued by the Additional Commissioner from Shimla, Department of Traffic, Government of Himachal. It has been told that the department has received several questions related to the revised Motor Vehicle Act. Therefore, the government has not yet implemented the new rules. Whether or not the state government agrees with the amended Motor Vehicle Act of the Center, nor has it been clarified on behalf of the government how long it will implement the new rules.

AAP targets BJP, says CM candidate

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), while changing its strategy, has now prepared a plan to surround the BJP on its questions. As part of this strategy, MP Sanjay Singh will visit Rajya Sabha member Vijay Goel’s residence on Monday to answer questions. He said that on August 30, we wrote a letter to Vijay Goel, seeking answers to some questions. Even after 24 hours, he has not received any reply. Today we also contacted him on the phone and made SMS, but he did not even pick up the phone.

Under whose leadership BJP will contest elections

Singh said that we had asked Goyal that who is the face of the Chief Minister’s post in BJP? Under whose leadership is he going to contest elections in Delhi? Does he have any leader in the Delhi BJP who equals Chief Minister Kejriwal? It was also asked that three leaders in BJP are coming forward and showing themselves at this time. It stars Manoj Tiwari, Vijender Gupta and Vijay Goel.

CM candidate who Is any of them the face of the Chief Minister? He said that the most senior of these three is Vijay Goel. In such a situation, I wrote a letter to Vijay Goel on 30 August asking for answers to these questions. If we do not get the answer, now we will go to our government house Ashoka Road at 11 am on Monday to seek answers from them on three points.

The first question was asked whether you are in favor or in opposition to the outstanding water bill that the Delhi government has waived?

Secondly, if you talk about returning the money to the people who filled the water bill, will you write in your manifesto that the money will be returned when the BJP government is formed?

Third, will the BJP return the electricity bill in the states where the BJP is in power

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