Terrorist Abid Hakani went to Pakistan for training before killing BJP leader Wasim Bari, caught on CCTV footage near Bandipora

Terrorist Abid Hakani
Terrorist Abid Hakani/ Image Source: TimesNow

The Islamic terrorist, who unleashed terror and killed the BJP leader Wasim Bari and his two family members at their shop in Bandipora, north Kashmir has been identified by the security forces. According to the reports, the terrorist has been identified as one Abid Hakani, who was caught in a CCTV footage captured at Bandipora police station at 8.40 pm on Wednesday.

The terrorist had gone to Pakistan via Wagah Border and then again infiltrated back into the Indian territory as a trained terrorist.

Earlier, Vijay Kumar, IG of Jammu and Kashmir UT had stated that Wasim Bari was despite having adequate security and had stated that there was definite negligence on the part of on-duty personnel.

The Jammu and Kashmir police has also detained eight policemen for negligence and have arrested them for further questioning as they were not around the leader when the attack took place. According to reports, the policemen were inside the house when terrorists opened fire at the leader.

Wasim Bari, his father and brother were shot dead by terrorists

Former BJP Bandipora district president Wasim Bari was killed by Islamic terrorists who shot at him outside his shop near Bandipora Police station. As per J&K DGP Dilbar Singh, the family had a component of 8 security people. However, at the time of the incident, none of the security personnel were present.

The cowardly attack occurred at around 9 PM on Wednesday evening. Umar Sultan, the brother of Bari and father Bashir were also injured who later succumbed to injuries.