Shocking incident: Kerala Man brutally rapes Calf, tortures it to death

Kerala Man brutally rapes Calf
Image: Pixabay

Humans can’t get any worse than this. Earlier, they raped dogs, goats but now a man raped the calf. In a heart-wrenching incident, a 33-year-old man had reportedly raped a calf in Kerala and after that, he tortured it to death, in what a gut-wrenching case of bestiality. The shocking incident took place in Kannur district of the state.

As per the reports, the man by the name of Sumesh lives near Bavode Muthappan temple in the district has now been arrested for his wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, the local reports state that Sumesh took the two-year-old cow from its stable and then committed the crime. In the process, the calf passed away due to strangulation from the rope to which it was tied to a tree.

After the owner of the stable learnt that the calf missing, he started searching for it. Soon after, he notified his villagers and after which, they launched a search operation in order to find the missing calf.

The neighbours, later found the calf lying dead. As per the medical reports, it was disclosed that the calf was sexually assaulted.

The suspect was charged with domestic violence, theft and animal cruelty. As a part of the evidence, Kerala police recovered the Sumesh’s clothing from the crime scene.

Source: theyouth