Ratul Puri case: ED disclosed- ‘Ratul Puri’s bank fraud worth Rs 1,492.36 crore’

Ratul Puri case -ED disclosed- Ratul Puri's bank fraud worth Rs 1,492.36 crore
Image Source: India TV

The Ratul Puri case Enforcement Directorate (Enforcement Directorate, ED) has revealed that the alleged bank fraud committed by Ratul Puri, the nephew of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath, is worth about Rs 1,492 crore. This amount is much higher than the alleged fraud of Rs 354 crore mentioned in the complaint given by the central bank. ED sources said Ratul Puri is not cooperating in the investigation.

An official ED source investigating the case related to Ratul Puri said that the investigation found that Moser Baer had purchased the Blu-ray Disc from Pacific International FZE, a company of Rajiv Saxena. The disk was purchased from Singulus Technologies Germany. This purchase was made for Rs 33 lakh and there was a difference of almost double the price. Saxena started the business of supplying solar energy panels to the Moser Baer Group from Midas Metals International LLC. These panels were acquired from West Asia Trading and Enertec Ltd.

The official said that the companies of Ratulpuri have been used to make cash along with earning profits. This alleged misappropriation of rupees is worth Rs 1,492.36 crore. According to ED sources, Ratul Puri was the executive director of Moser Baer till 2012. The source said that to find out the crime, several people have been summoned and their statements have been recorded during Ratul’s custody remand. The source said that ED’s lawyers Vikas Garg and D.P. Singh told the court on Monday how Puri’s lawyer Vijay Agarwal was trying to deviate and delay the investigation.

The ED lawyers also told the court that Vijay Agarwal had formed a WhatsApp group of all 25 accused. In this, the members of the group were asked to tell them about the summons of ED and the replies they gave to the agency. Aggarwal had asked the accused to answer most of the ED’s questions in sentences like ‘don’t remember’, or ‘can’t remember’. The source said that Ratul Puri is not cooperating in the inquiry. Not only this, they have not intentionally given documents related to accounts and bank statements. Also, the leads of the transaction have not been revealed.

Explain that the remand of businessman Ratul Puri, arrested in the case of bank loan fraud, has been extended for four days by the CBI court. Ratul Puri will now be presented in court on 30 August. Earlier, the court sent Ratul Puri into custody for six days. During this time the ED will interrogate them. The Delhi High Court has dismissed the anticipatory bail plea of ​​Ratul Puri, accused in the AgustaWestland VVIP helicopter scam case. In the judgment, a bench of Justice Sunil Gaur had said that Ratul Puri is required to be detained for an effective investigation of the case.