Mumbai: Man sells house to pay for granddaughter’s education, now sleeps in his auto – Read his viral story

Man sells house to pay for granddaughter education
Facebook/ Humans of Bombay

The Internet is filled with all sorts of stories. However, there are only a few stories which are so moving or unique that they end up going viral. A similar story which recently touched hearts of many netizens was shared by Humans of Bombay (HOB).

HoB is an Indian photoblog about people in Mumbai. It was started in 2014 by Karishma Mehta. Mehta with her team documents the stories of individuals and showcases it to the world through social media posts and a website.

The recent post by HoB talks about a Mumbai based autorickshaw driver named Desraj who sold his house to pay for granddaughter’s education and now sleeps in his auto.

Desraj lost both of his sons, one of them committed suicide. However, the responsibility to look after his grandchildren kept him going. After the death of his second son, when his granddaughter asked him whether she had to drop out of school, he replied – ‘Never! You study as much as you want.’

After that, Desraj started to work harder to fund her education. When his granddaughter completed her 12th with 80%, he was so elated that he gave out free auto rides to his customers for a day. And, when she told him that she wanted to go outside Mumbai to pursue her B.Ed, he went above and beyond to fulfil her dream. Desraj then sold his house and sent his family to stay at their relatives’ place in the village.

He now sleeps in his auto.

This story of Desraj has touched many people on social media. Many people have reached out to help him.

“Such an inspiration he is to all! May all his wishes come true,” commented one user.

“Such a lovely soul. In spite of so many setbacks, he only looks at the bright side of things. Prioritizing his Granddaughter’s education is so dear to him. God bless him always,” wrote another one.

As per the comment by HoB below the story, Desraj can be found at Khar danda Naka in Mumbai and his gaadi number is 160.

Read the full story here:

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