Meerut love jihad case: Shakib and his family members had chopped off Ekta’s body, sister-in-law removed her clothes

The police first became aware of Shakib's involvement after the he returned home during the lockdown. One night, in an intoxicated state, he told his friends everything about what he done. Later, an informant passed on the information to the Police.

Meerut love jihad case
Ekta Deshwal, Shakib after getting shot while trying to flee

Meerut Police has solved a murder case recently which had remained unsolved for the past one year. It was revealed to be a case of Love Jihad where the accused Shakib, a resident of Meerut, had posed as a Hindu boy, Aman, in order to get into a relationship with Ekta Deshwal from Ludhiana. Later, he had beheaded the girl and dumped parts of her body in various places after eloping with her and revealing his identity.

It has now come to light that the at least six people were involved in the murder. Apart from Shakib, Musharrat, Mustakim, Reshma, Ismat and Ayaan are accused to have been involved in the murder. Shakib, the lead accused, worked as a Tantrik at Ludhiana and it is suspected that the victim had met him when she went to her with issues related to health.

The uncle of the girl told OpIndia that Ekta was suffering from allergy, which perhaps could have been the reason for her visit. He also said that it could also be that he spotted her during some event near the Ludhiana Bus Stand where he used to work from and started keeping an eye on her. Her mother said that when the family became aware of their budding relationship, they had summoned Shakib to their home. Even then, the accused had worn a Kalava around his wrist.

The police first became aware of Shakib’s involvement after he returned home during the lockdown. One night, in an intoxicated state, he told his friends everything about what he had done. Later, an informant passed on the information to the Police. The Police are now investigating more about the past of Shakib.

Ekta’s uncle told OpIndia that as per Shakib’s sister in law, the two of them had gotten married in a Dargah and a nikah had not occurred. Ekta had also stolen Rs. 25 lakh of jewellery from her own home before eloping at the behest of Shakib.

After eloping, the two of them had been living at an apartment in Daurala. On the occasion of Eid, he took Ekta to his house last year. That is when the girl came to know that she was living with a Muslim man, not Hindu Aman. And after Ekta came to know that he was a Muslim, she was not ready to live with him at any cost. This led to an argument between the two, and Shakib decided to kill her. Shakib spiked the girl’s cold drink, after which she fell unconscious. Shakib then took her to a sugarcane field nearby and strangulated her to death. He then beheaded her and chopped off one of her arms to hide her identity. He threw the girl’s body parts elsewhere and buried the remaining torso in the cane field belonging to one Sabi Ahmed.

Shakib continued operating Ekta’s social media accounts ever after the murder. He continued updating her Facebook account himself and changed the profile picture on WhatsApp at regular intervals. As a result, everyone thought that she was alive.

After he was arrested, Shakib made an attempt to run away from captivity. He had snatched the pistol of a constable and tried to make a run for it. A police constable was injured and he had shot himself during his attempt to flee. He is being currently treated at a hospital. Both of his sister-in-law, Reshma and Ismat, have been sent to the district jail. Meanwhile, Musharrat, Ayaan and Mustakim are in quarantine currently and will be sent to jail once the necessary period is over.

The police have recovered the murder weapon and the victim’s phone from the accused. According to the police, it was Reshma who removed the victim’s clothes. After that, everyone contributed towards chopping her body into numerous parts to prevent easy identification. The Police said that Shakib cut off Ekta’s hand because it had the tattoo of his name. Hands, legs and head were dumped into a pond and the torso was buried with salt so that it decomposes faster.

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