Love story became a ‘Hate Story’ read the surprising story here

Love story became a Hate Story in Delhi- THN
Image Source: India Today

New Delhi: One-sided love is often tragic. This is seen again and again. A similar case was found in Rohini, the country’s capital. Here a young man fell in love with a call girl. Seeing the opportunity, the young man expressed love and said that the girl (Call Girl) refused to marry. Angry after this, in the Rohini area of ​​Delhi, on 20 August, the young man cut the sex worker in five parts from the rampage. After this, in order to hide the evidence, the young man put the body of the woman in the Bawana Canal. The special cell of Delhi Police, which was involved in the investigation, arrested Ayub, the accused, on the basis of information with the chap used in the incident. In police interrogation, Ayub, who lives in Turkman Gate area, was shocked when the police revealed the reason for the murder.

Accused Ayub is already married

Ayub, who was charged in the murder of a call girl, is already married and used to work as a hawker and take care of his wife and all three children. It is being told that he is a lover of mood and due to his hobbies, he used to visit the shops on GB Road.

Been doing one-sided love for four years

In police interrogation, Ayub said that he met the 22-year-old girl 4 years ago at the corner of GB Road. According to Ayub, Ayub began to love her unilaterally during one or two visits.

Often both used to go out for a walk

Police inquiries revealed that Ayub loved the girl unilaterally, but the girl had nothing of the sort in her heart. When Ayub insisted, the girl would often go out with him.

Ayub wanted to get rid of body trade

According to Ayub, he fell in love with the woman so much that he wanted to marry her. Ayub even went on to say that he had persuaded his first wife as well. This was the reason that Ayub started pressuring him to marry and leave the body trade. At the same time, the young woman had no such intention and refused to marry.

Ayub’s plot to murder angry with so-called infidelity

After giving 4 years of her life to Ayub, Ayub was broken inside. He believed that the woman had cheated him. He then conspired to kill. In the episode of conspiracy, Ayub went to the bank of Bawana Canal with a girl on 20 August with a borrowed scooty and chap. Seeing the opportunity after this, he sanded the girl’s throat and cut the body into five parts and threw it into the canal.

This is how the murder was revealed

The body of the girl found in five pieces became a challenge to the police, but the mobile phone call detail resolved the case. Meanwhile, Ayub was on the run, but the police reached the information and caught him.