Know The Difference Between Seal Down And Lock Down

Know The Difference Between Seal Down And Lock Down
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The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing the state and the central governments to take decisions like never before. One such decision is said to be the implementation of the next level of Lockdown – called the ‘Seal Down’ (No official announcement made, do not panic for fake news)

Currently, the country is serving the 21-day lockdown (March 25th – April 14th), which was announced by PM Narendra Modi on March 24th. With the 21-day tenure coming to an end, there have been various discussions regarding the next step of the government.

While calls have been made for an extension of the lockdown, there is a new word in the town, Seal Down, which is also gaining momentum day by day. In certain districts, it is already in place and until PM Modi’s next speech, none of the rumors are going to stop floating.

So, in this article, we take a look at the difference between a lockdown and a seal down, to be equipped with at least the correct information before the next big step.

Stepping Out

In a Lockdown, one could step outside their homes for medical emergencies, medicines and grocery shopping. In a Seal Down, people are strictly banned from stepping outside their homes.

Lockdown Extension India
Courtesy: Deccan Herald

Essential Services

In a Lockdown, essential services like groceries would be available outside. In a Seal Down, door-to-door delivery of essentials would be made available.

Medical Vehicles Allowed Only

Unlike in a Lockdown, only medical vehicles would be allowed for movement during the seal down.

Lockdown Extension India
Courtesy: Deccan Herald

Legal Action

In a lockdown, only instructions were passed to the citizens to not step out of their homes. In a seal down, if the citizens do not obey, legal action could also be taken against them.