‘King Khan’ birthday special who teaches every sense of love and madness

Shahrukh Khan birthday
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New Delhi: I am not a fan of Shah Rukh Khan or can not be said to you. I am under-qualified to be his fan. I do not have the passion that was in the god of Paro, not the courage to loot everything like Jara’s hero , I don’t have the courage to love unilaterally like Tahir of the heart , there is no loafing like Rahul tomorrow, nothing happens It is not Rahul Sa Yarana, Dilwale Dulhania will take it not Raj Shirdat, inshort my love is nothing in front of his love.

I am mad at her heart that I want to become the cloud of Maya and Mohabbatein and just once she wants to break and fall in love. I also want to see that once when someone stands in front and says that whose it is, I am waiting for you. What is more important than cooking my famous casserole is that today is the birthday of these Romance King, King of Bollywood and Prince of every girl’s dreams.

Mannat Shah Rukh’s house which is the paradise of his dreams. There is always a crowd of his fans here. Made his first love Gauri his life partner. The father died of cancer and the mother died of diabetes. He started taking care of the house at an early age. Did theater with studies. I reached Bombay to try my skills. The same Bombay who said that one day I will rule over you and also showed taxes.

Shahrukh Khan with Suhana Khan
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It is said that when Shah Rukh met Gauri’s father for the first time, his father asked his name, then his answer was Abhimanyu. So his father says that I want to know your real name, not your character in the military drama. At that time, Shahrukh just wanted to show his ability to Gauri’s father. She started her career in TV and made her mark in films with Deewana. Won debut Debut Film Fair Award. People are crazy about their films as well as their fans of the spot response.

Everyone from Salman to Sanjay Dutt has got a chance to go to jail at some time. Shahrukh Khan too has not escaped from jail. His film Maya Memsaab was undershooting. The film starred Deepa Sahi with Shah Rukh, who played a woman of independent opinion. Then a magazine published a news story. It was reported that Deepa and Shahrukh met on the night to practice a love scene. Shah Rukh was so upset by this that the editor of the magazine threatened to shoot Rita Mehta. Just this threat had sent Shahrukh to jail, Khair was later released.

Shahrukh not only taught people how to love but also believed in love. People are often confused about their feelings. They are something else and reality is something else. But in the matter of love and family, Shahrukh’s real life is also a king. Daulat, along with fame, is also family support and love. All these things make King Khan a complete man. Now to become a fan of such a perfect person, something special has to be done. So I am also learning to love the kingdom. The unilateral love of Tahir, which cannot be divided between two people, because the heart is hard.