Kaali Maa temple built by Muslims adding money, Maulvi inaugurated, told how it felt

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Image Source: Kolkata

Mutual brotherhood, communal harmony, and tolerance are some of the words that we all hear many times, but very few people can follow them. Our India country is full of diversities. Its biggest beauty is that people of different religions and castes live in the same society here. No matter how much anti-social elements try to provoke on social media, there is no enmity or hatred between people of two religions in real life. For example, we get to see this many times. Take for example the Muslim community of West Bengal. Here in Birbhum district, the Muslims not only collected donations for the temple of Kali Maa but also built it themselves.

Actually two years ago, a wide road was going to be built in Birbhum district. In such a situation, due to this work, the black mother’s temple which was lying in the way was broken. However, the Muslim community of the area collected donations and got the Kali temple built again on Sunday, Diwali. Not only this, Maulvi also inaugurated this new temple. For your information, tell us that this incident is from Basapura, which is about 160 kilometers from Kolkata.

The local resident Nikhil Bhattacharya told that for a long time people here were demanding a wide road. In such a situation, the local panchayat agreed to it two years ago. However, the temple had to be broken in the process. Last year too, the festival of Durga Puja had to be done by making a pandal. This work was also very expensive. In such a situation, the Muslim people of the area collected donations and got the temple built elsewhere. It cost a total of 10 lakh rupees to build it.

According to the 2011 census, about 35 percent of Muslims live in Nanur block of Baspara. These people collected donations and collected about 7 lakh rupees. People of other religions managed the remaining amount. Local resident Sunil Saha says that this temple could not be built if the Muslims of the area did not help the money. These Muslims also helped in the expenses of Durga Puja for 2018 and 2019.

The staunch Muslims had taken a major part in this work, so Maulvi Naseeruddin Mandal of the area was also invited to inaugurate the temple. Inaugurating this temple, Naseeruddin said that although I have inaugurated many mosques and madrasas, I got a very pleasant and unique experience in the inauguration of the temple.

This incident has proved an example for the whole country. While on the one hand some anti-social elements and politicians keep trying to create a rift between people in the name of religion, on the other hand, we have some people who do not believe in brotherhood in these things. Our advice to you is that you do not fall under the pretext of people and maintain mutual affection.

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