Husband sells his land to educate Wife, she runs away with Headmaster

she runs away with Headmaster

After the Jyoti Maurya case, many such cases of girls came to the fore in the country, in which incidents like Jyoti Maurya were carried out. One such new case has come to the fore from Vaishali district of Bihar. Similarly, in one instance, a young guy worked as a labourer to help his wife realize her desire of becoming a teacher, but after she arrived at her goal, the wife cheated on her husband.

This case pertains to the Vaishali district of Bihar. A devoted husband, Chandan Kumar worked as a labourer and even sold his land to fulfil his wife Sarita’s dream of becoming a teacher. sarita was having an extramarital affair with another person and that person was the headmaster of the same school where she working as a teacher.

Chandan and Sarita were married in 2010. In addition, they have a son, who is 7 years old, and a daughter 12 years old. When Chandan came to know about Sarita’s extra-marital affair, Sarita left him and ran away with her lover, the headmaster. For the sake of his two children, Chandan is seeking justice.

According to a news report viral video, Chandan’s children reveal some details about their mother. The girl discloses the headmaster himself used to come home to pick up the mother from home and take her away. Additionally, they formerly shared a bedroom. And when we used to convey this to Father, she used to beat and scold us. Later in the video, The news journalist inquires the young boy, “Would you like to have your mommy back?” To which the boy firmly declines, saying, “No, my mommy is not good.”

This is a very shameful and heinous crime that Sarita has committed. After seeing the Jyoti Maurya case, there has probably been madness in such women who are following in her footsteps and taking advantage of their innocence by deceiving their families. Sarita should also be removed from her post like Jyoti Maurya. In such a heinous crime, the future of innocent children gets spoiled.