5 Step Guide On Effective Techniques For SEO

How to Keep Your SEO Rankings after a Website Redesign

Meaning of SEO:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of
traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Quality of traffic refers to the people looking for the same product that your website offers, and the traffic needs to be increased, which you don’t have to buy in terms of organic traffic.

Various companies like digital marketing agencies, SEO companies, email marketing
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How does SEO work?

Google search engine is the dominant player in the search results that your website or
business would like to show up in. So let’s understand how Google’s algorithm works-

● The pages with the relevant information of high quality related to the searcher’s
query is searched by Google.

● The relevance of the information on the website’s pages is determined by Google by
crawling or reading and evaluating (algorithmically) on the basis of its content,
keywords and ranking signals.

● The site’s link profile determines the quality of a site.

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understanding this method better.

Effective Techniques for SEO:

There are tons of available online techniques for effective SEO, but most of them are
generic and ambiguous. We have combined a list of 5 step techniques to get effective SEO-

The 5 Step Guide is as follows-

  1. Perform competitor analysis:

Thorough competitor research and analysis will help you with your rankings. One needs first to identify their competitors based on their geography, industry and other such factors. Next, you need to study and analyze what are the factors which are helping them to succeed.

Start from the keyword analysis which your competitors are using. The use of keyword suggestion tools such as KeySearch and Google Keyword Planner will help you in identifying the keywords your competitor is using and which you can use as well.

Link-building is another important aspect vitally important for improving a site’s SERP rankings. Lastly, perform a content analysis of their website/posts and understand their strategy to perform better in search results.

You can hire the services of a digital marketing agency in Bangalore to help you with this task.

2. Analyze the backlinks:

Backlinks represent a ‘vote of confidence’ from one site to another. Backlinks are a signal for the search engines that others vouch for your content. Now, if numerous web pages provide backlinks to the same website, then the content is worthy is the search engine’s conclusion, and thus, they find it worthy of surfacing on a SERP.

While backlinks are an indispensable part of good SEO practice, not all backlinks perform equally. One needs to study the backlinks which are performing better by monitoring their performance and shortlist the ones which are of utmost importance and help drive the highest quality traffic.

Majestic and Moz Open Site Explorer are the tools that will help you with the backlink analysis, or you can take the assistance of a web design company in Bangalore to make things easier for you. 

3. Website loading speed should be maximum:

A slow-loading website will lead to customer loss as they might find it frustrating and sometimes even untrustworthy. A study claims that a mere 1-second delay in loading a page may lead to a 7% loss in conversions.

Almost 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load, based on a study conducted by Adobe. This highlights the importance of page speed for users and search engines. In 2010, Google came out with an all-important ranking factors list, and site speed was one of them. This means if your page is slow, you’re already fighting a losing battle.

One may declutter their sidebar and add only essential widgets there or use high compression for images or use Content Delivery Network (CDN) as a few of the solutions to get a faster loading page.

One can visit Ubersuggest or a digital marketing company or SEO company in Bangalore can help you get rid of non-essential elements from your page.

4. Design for smartphone first:

Everyone is well aware of the extensive use and dependency we have developed on our smartphones in recent years. It is common knowledge that the majority of the searches and half of all purchases happen on mobiles.

This has led to the development of AMP, an open-source project to deliver Accelerated Mobile Pages. In March 2020, Google announced that the mobile version of your website would be crawled and indexed before the desktop version.

Hence, one should design a website, keeping in mind that most of the time, the user will be using a mobile phone and not a desktop. Also, Google claims that the AMP optimized page will load 85% faster while using a stripped-down form of HTML.         

Even for this purpose, you can hire the help of a web design company in Bangalore or a social media marketing company in Bangalore.

5. Featured snippets help in CTR:

Based on a study in 2016, it was found that featured snippets show up for 12.3% of 2 million searches and 8.3% of the clicks go for the featured snippets. These snippets are pulled by Google from the top 10 ranking sites. The use of organic keywords will help in winning the featured snippets, which will in turn, lead to an increase in your CTR.

In the case of every keyword, a competitor owns the snippet and therein lies your chance to analyze and understand why they own it. Once you research and study it, you can optimize your website accordingly and try and win the snippet for that particular keyword, which is highly relevant for your website as well.

A social media marketing company in Bangalore can help you in getting a featured snippet or one might refer to the Organic Keywords report in Ahrefs Site Explorer. Even an SEO company in Bangalore could be useful for this purpose.


You can tie up with a video production company in Bangalore, or an email marketing company in Bangalore can assist in establishing interlinks to your website by promotion through an ad before a video or a mention in their corporate promotional emails sent to thousands across the world.

Learn to inculcate content around long-tail search phrases instead of head keywords. This helps to focus and make your website unique or stand out from the rest of the searches.

You can hire SEO Company in Bangalore or a web design company in Bangalore to initially help you get the right quality and quantity of traffic to your website.

These techniques will help you get more organic traffic to your website, acquire more leads and assist in growing your revenue.

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