Devotees wore masks to protect Mahadev from pollution in PM’s parliamentary constituency in Banaras

Tarakeswar Mahadev temple in Varanasi
Image: ANI/Twitter

New Delhi: In many parts of the country, there is a situation of pollution. Many cities of the country including the capital Delhi are in the grip of air pollution. In many cities of the country, air quality has reached a dangerous position. Not only human beings are also troubled by increasing pollution. In the Parliamentary constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Varanasi has been masked on the idols of God due to pollution.

Shiva lingam was masked at the Tarakeswar Mahadev temple in Varanasi. Devotees said, ‘The air in the city is polluted and we have applied masks to protect Bhole Baba from this poisonous air. He further said that we are confident that if he is safe, we will be safe

Earlier yesterday, priests in the temple near Kashi Vidyapeeth, Banaras, wore masks to protect the Lord from increasing pollution.

Let us tell you that due to pollution in the capital of the country, the air quality has reached the danger level and the situation in many cities of the country has become similar to the Gauss chamber. Air quality in 13 cities including Kanpur, Banaras in Uttar Pradesh has reached a dangerous state. The city of Baghpat in Uttar Pradesh was the most polluted city in the country yesterday.

Significantly, due to air pollution, the situation in the country’s capital Delhi remains very serious. The entire Delhi is wrapped in white sheets due to haze. People have to face difficulty in breathing due to this. To reduce pollution in Delhi, the Delhi government has resorted to the Aud even formula yesterday. For this, the Delhi Government has implemented the Ad-Even scheme to control the smoke coming out of the vehicles from today.