Delhi: Hindu man says Muslim woman posed as Hindu to marry him, later forcefully converted him to Islam

Muslim Love Jihad
Representational Image (Source: Reuters)

A unique case of alleged love jihad has come to light in the national capital wherein a Hindu man accused a Muslim woman of luring him into a love affair by concealing her identity and forcefully converting him. A Hindu man from Delhi has filed a complaint against a Muslim woman and her family levelling a number of allegations including concealing her identity, luring him into marriage, threatening to kill him, falsely implicating him and extorting money. According to the victim man, a Muslim woman whom he met online lied to him about her identity, lured him into a love affair, married him and then forcefully converting him to Islam.

Muslim woman told him that she was Hindu

According to reports, the victim man had met the Muslim woman on Facebook. After they started talking on Facebook, the woman told him that she was Hindu and that her parents assaulted her and treated her badly. Some reports claim that the woman told the man that she was Muslim few days before marriage and expressed the wish to live with him as a Hindu while some other reports say that the women revealed her Muslim identity to the victim after they got married.

Forcefully converted and circumcised

Things began to turn ugly after their marriage and the woman went back to her father’s house. According to the victim, when he went to her father’s house along with his mother to bring her back, a cop threatened them and demanded an amount of Rs 80,000. Thereafter he and his mother were taken to a hostel and they were locked in a room. The victim alleged that he was forcefully converted there and his Nikaah was performed. He said that he was threatened by the relatives of the woman that if he tried to contact anyone they would kill his mother. They even got him circumcised forcefully.

Woman’s father had filed a case against the victim

According to reports, the woman’s father had filed a case against the victim at Katra Bazar police station in Gonda alleging that he had eloped with his daughter. Santosh Kumar, SO Katra Bazar told that on investigation the police found that the matter was of a love affair and the man and the woman had married. They have a daughter who is currently with the woman and the victim wants to get the custody of the child. The victim told that the woman was refusing to give him the child’s custody and was demanding him to give her Rs 20,000 per month. According to reports, Alok Rao, Nagar Kotwal Gonda, said that the hotel mentioned by the victim in his complaint did not exist in the area. DIG Devipatan, Dr, Rakesh Singh denied having information about the matter.

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