Delhi Assembly Election: AAP protest against Vijay Goel shout slogans

AAP protest against Vijay Goel - THN
Image Source: Outlook

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party has changed its strategy and has now prepared a plan to surround the BJP on its questions. As part of this strategy, MP Sanjay Singh reached the residence of Rajya Sabha member Vijay Goel from BJP on Monday to take questions and staged a demonstration outside.

Earlier, he had said that on August 30, we wrote a letter to Vijay Goel seeking answers to some questions. Even after 24 hours, he has not received any reply. On Sunday, we contacted him on the phone and made SMS, but he did not even pick up the phone.

Sanjay Singh said that we had asked Goyal that who is the face of the Chief Minister’s post in BJP? Under whose leadership is he going to contest elections in Delhi? Does he have any leader in the Delhi BJP who equals Chief Minister Kejriwal? It was also asked that three leaders in BJP are coming forward and showing themselves at this time. It stars Manoj Tiwari, Vijender Gupta, and Vijay Goel. Is any of them the face of the Chief Minister? He said that the most senior of these three is Vijay Goel. In such a situation, I wrote a letter to Vijay Goel on 30 August asking for answers to these questions.