Crowning relationship between India-UAE, Crown Prince praises Modi

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The growing intensity between India and the United Arab Emirates is important in many ways. Arab countries have been a subject of special importance in India’s foreign policy due to historical, political, geographical, cultural and economic reasons. This region affects the defense-related aspects of India’s foreign policy and keeping this in mind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying to connect decisively with the UAE. How much respect UAE has for Prime Minister Modi was seen during Modi’s visit to UAE in 2018 when UAE painted the tricolor with many buildings including Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Prime Minister Modi released the Indian Rupees Card in Abu Dhabi. In this way, UAE has become the first country in West Asia where RuPay Card will run.

Strengthening Economic Relations Strengthening Economic Relations During Prime Minister Modi’s visit last year, the UAE decided to invest $ 75 billion in India to further strengthen economic relations. If the two countries move towards increasing mutual business and strategic partnership in the energy sector in the next five years according to the agreement, then the strategic-economic infrastructure of both countries will develop rapidly. UAE capital will help in the modernization of railways, ports, roads, airports, etc. Significantly, the UAE has also given its support to India’s permanent membership of the UN Security Council.

Crowning relationship between India-UAE Crown Prince praises Modi

Crown Prince praises Modi

The ‘Aero India Show’ remains important defense cooperation between India and the UAE. For a long time, India has been providing training in various fields to the UAE defense personnel in its institutions and participates extensively in the defense programs organized by the UAE. India will participate in the International Defense Exhibition organized by the Exhibition Corporation of the United Arab Emirates last year. Similarly, in February 2007, the UAE also sent its officials to participate in the ‘Aero India Show’ held in Bangalore. In June 2003, a draft was also signed for the formation of the Joint Defense Cooperation Committee, ie, the Joint Defense Cooperation Committee for bilateral defense exchanges. Indian Navy ships made several goodwill visits to the United Arab Emirates.

Cultural aspects strengthened

In 2008, as Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee visited the United Arab Emirates and in the same year UAE Foreign Trade Minister Sheikh Lubna Al Qasimi also visited India. FICCI strengthened the cultural aspects between the two countries, winning her the title of Best Female Success of the Year. The two countries signed several agreements keeping in mind the interests of each other, which are now proving to be fruitful. For example, the two countries entered into an extradition treaty, a mutual legal assistance treaty in criminal and civil matters, a legal and judicial agreement for cooperation in civil and commercial matters, which has been in force since 2000.

Civil Aviation Agreement

Under this treaty, both countries can embody mutual legal aid apart from the transfer of criminals. As the region is becoming a drug hub, the two countries entered into an agreement in 1994 to prevent trafficking of drugs and substances that have dangerous effects on the brain. Similarly, the Cultural Agreement in 1975 and the Civil Aviation Agreement in 1989. An agreement was signed between Emirates News Agency and Press Trust of India in the year 2000 for the exchange of information. The agreement was also signed between SEBI and Emirates Securities and Merchandise Authority. The channel management agreement between Doordarshan’s Directorate General of Broadcasting Corporation, ie Prasar Bharati and Emirates Cable TV Multimedia LLC, was shaped in the year 2000. The two countries also reached an agreement in December 2006 on a draft Man Power Sourcing Corporation.

Social and business relations

If we look at history, India’s social and trade relations with this region have been around for centuries. History shows that spices and clothes from India have been sent to the Emirates region and pearls and dates from the Emirates region to India. Today, there are more than 2.5 million Indian workers in the UAE who are not only earning a living but sending a large portion of their hard-earned money to India and strengthening the Indian economy. In the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, there are about 30 million Indians doing a variety of jobs, which is about a quarter of the twenty-seven million Indians worldwide. UAE alone brings $ 12 billion to India.

Consider, UAE is an important commercial and commercial hub in Arab countries, as well as the third major reestablishment center in the world after Singapore and Hong Kong. This is the reason why it remains a source of attention for markets like Iraq, Iran, CIS countries and Africa. On the other hand, India is emerging as the second-largest economy in the world with a GDP growth rate of about seven percent, so it is necessary to have better trade relations between the two countries. The United Arab Emirates is the second-largest market for Indian products.

Economic and Diplomatic Relations

India exports a wide range of products to the United Arab Emirates. Also, India has become an important export destination for goods manufactured in the United Arab Emirates. Items imported by the UAE from India include petroleum and its products, gold, silver, metal ores and metal wastes, sulfur and iron pyrites, pearls and precious stones, etc. Similarly, the items exported by India are RMG cotton, gems, jewelry, man-made yarn, marine products, and plastic, etc. Currently, bilateral trade between the two countries has reached $ 60 billion. It is believed that the economic and diplomatic relations of the two countries will be further strengthened and business partnerships may get a new dimension.

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