Congress leader Arshi Khan says on television debate, claims PoK is part of Pakistan

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Congress leader Arshi Khan claims PoK is part of Pakistan

Congress leader and reality show contestant Arshi Khan, who joined Congress ahead of 2019 general elections, in a television debate made outrageous claims that PoK, the part of Kashmir illegally occupied by Pakistan, is part of Pakistan.

In the debate with BJP leader Sambit Patra, Arshi Khan kept referring to PoK as part of Pakistan. When confronted with whether she even knows what PoK means, Khan continued to evade the question. BJP leader Sambit Patra asserted that PoK is an integral part of India and under no circumstances can it be referred to as part of Pakistan.

In later part of the debate, Patra questioned Khan whether she agrees with Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut referring to Kangana Ranaut as ‘haramkhor ladki’.

Khan then said that ‘haramkhor’ is not abusive. She claimed that ‘halal’ and ‘haram’ are Urdu words and ‘halal’ means the one who lives by hard work and ‘haram’ means one who lives ‘without hard work’ or ‘lazy’. Except, ‘halal’ and ‘haram’ are Arabic words where ‘halal’ means ‘permissible by Islamic law’ and ‘haram’ means ‘forbidden by Islamic law’. As per Islamic law, any act forbidden by Allah is ‘haram’.

So ‘haramkhor’ would be one who lives off ‘haram’ deeds, i.e. not permitted by Allah.

Who is Arshi Khan

Reality show Bigg Boss contestant Arshi Khan joined Congress ahead of 2019 general elections. Prior to that, she had appeared nude with Pakistan flags painted on her body. Reportedly, she was born in Afghanistan but moved to India when she was four. She has quite often taken to social media to pronounce her love for Pakistan and desire to take up Pakistani citizenship.

There have been reports that Arshi had also decided to participate in a Pakistani reality show ‘Arshi Ka Swayamvar’ for which she was to be paid Rs 2 crore. Amusingly, she had never named this Pakistani channel which offered her the show.

You could read more about her here.

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