Brazil Prez Quotes Ramayan To Convince PM Modi for the sale of Hydroxychloroquine

Brazil Prez Quotes Ramayan
Image: metrosaga

In a letter directed to PM Modi, Brazil President Jair Bolsanoro has quoted the Hindu epic Ramayana, requesting Modiji to permit the export of hydroxychloroquine to the South American country. 

Hydroxychloroquine in demand!

A couple of days ago, United States President Donald Trump warned India of retaliation if the India failed to fulfill his country’s order of the hydroxychloroquine drug. A few hours later, PM Modi permitted the sale of the drug to the powerful nation.

With no vaccine in place, hydroxychloroquine, which is used to treat malaria, is considered as a potential cure for the deadly coronavirus.

Brazil Prez invokes the Ramayan

Brazil has recorded over 14000 positive cases of COVID-19 so far, the highest in the South American continent. 688 people have also died in Brazil due to the infection.

In a letter directed to PM Modi, the Brazilian President sought for the sale of the drug. He also quoted the Ramayan, apart from references to Jesus, in the letter:

Brazil Prez Quotes Ramayan To Convince PM Modi
Image: ANI

Just as Lord Hanuman brought the holy medicine from the Himalayas to save the life of Lord Rama’s brother Laksmana, and Jesus healed those who were sick and restored sight to Bartimeu, India, and Brazil will overcome this global crisis by joining forces and sharing blessings for the sake of all people.

The “Sanjeevini’ aka. “Holy Medicine” is highly revered in India. With the cure for Coronavirus almost attaining a similar status, the Brazilian President invoked quotes from the Epic to convince Modiji in allowing the export of the drug.

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