Boyfriend points the gun at Husband, marries his wife in filmy style

Sachin and Shivani Affair

The film “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam” showcased Ajay Devgn’s earnest efforts to unite his wife Aishwarya with her lover Salman Khan, and now a similar love story has gone viral. It is no less than a movie when Shivani, hailing from Bihar, married her lover, Sachin.

In a situation that pushed the boundaries of love, Shivani got married to her lover in front of her husband. Shivani was already married to Vikas Ravidas before. They got married in 2019.

Shivani and Sachin used to work together in a company, and that’s when they fell in love with each other. For a considerable period, Vikas remained unaware of Shivani’s affair with Sachin. However, one day, Vikas came across a photo of Shivani and Sachin together.

Vikas was furious but didn’t say anything to Shivani and Sachin. Instead, he arranged their marriage in their presence. Vikas has no objection to their marriage. According to Vikas, he cannot stay with Shivani after knowing everything, so he arranged their marriage. Shivani says that if she doesn’t marry Sachin, she will die.

As soon as the video of Shivani and Sachin’s wedding went viral, doubts arose after hearing Vikas’ statements, and an investigation was initiated. The investigation revealed a different story. Vikas’ father and brother revealed that Shivani’s lover, with the help of his entire family at gunpoint, forced her to marry him and even made a forced video. Vikas’ father also revealed that Shivani has taken half a million rupees from Vikas. Currently, Vikas’ family is preparing to file a police case in this matter.

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