Bhopal: Can’t Allow Sanitizer In Temple As It Contains Alcohol

Bhopal Temples
ImageCredit: hindustantimes

The Central Government has announced that starting June 8th, places of religious worship can reopen across the country. However, the Centre has also provided rules which the places must follow. One of the rules includes the usage of alcohol-based sanitizer dispensary machines inside the premises.

The rules for reopening of places of religious worship

While usage of sanitizers and physical-distancing norms is one of the common rules across sectors, the authorities have also defined other rules for places of religious worship. In the guidelines, it has been mentioned that people must remove their footwear inside their vehicles.

In another rule, the touching of statues, idols, and holy books will not be allowed. The distribution of prasad will not be permitted inside the temples. Similarly, the sprinkling of holy water within premises has been banned too.

A Bhopal priest opposes the rule

However, a priest in Madhya Pradesh has expressed his opposition to the rule of using sanitizer. He said that since sanitizer contains alcohol, he cannot allow it inside the temple premises.

Chandrashekhar Tiwari, the priest of Maa Vaishnavadham Nav Durga Temple in Bhopal talked about the issue. He said: “When we cannot enter a temple after drinking alcohol, then how can we sanitize our hand with alcohol and go inside.”

However, he was not entirely against the rule. He said that personal hygiene is important and therefore suggested installing a machine outside the temple where people could wash their hands.

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