Article 370 was a ‘mistake’, its abrogation is only correcting the mistake, Harish Salve

Article 370 was a mistake
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India’s eminent lawyer Harish Salve has asserted that Article 370 was a ‘mistake’ and the Modi government’s decision to abrogate it was the means to correct the mistake.

As per reports, Salve stated that Pakistan’s reactions after the abrogation of Article 370 are nothing but ‘complete bankruptcy’. He added that Jammu and Kashmir has always been an integral part of India and Pakistan has been squatting there.

Asserting India’s stand that Jammu and Kashmir belongs to India in its entirety, Salve further added, “Pakistan-occupied Kashmir is Indian, they (Pakistan) are squatting there. If there is any disputed territory, it is PoK. The Kashmir Constitution says Kashmir is an integral part of India, not just the Indian Constitution. Kashmir being an integral part of India has never been in doubt, except in certain Pakistani minds.”

Speaking to media in London at the Indian High Commission, Salve stated that he has always been a supporter of removal of Article 370. He added, “It was a mistake to allow Article 370. Bigger mistake to allow it to fester.”

Salve also stated that it is nonsense to claim that the government should have discussed and debated the matter. He added that doing it in one shot was the right decision and the SC will decide on it.

Salve was a part of India’s legal team that has secured a major victory yesterday in the Royal Court of Justice where the verdict over the Hyderabad Nizam’s funds of 35 million pounds held in a bank account in London came in favour of India. Pakistan has been claiming the funds since 1947.

Salve stated, “It was a wrongful claim by Pakistan which had to be fought. We fought that claim and won it.”

The 35 million pounds will now be shared between the Nizam of Hyderabad’s heirs and the Indian government based on a confidential agreement struck between the parties.

Salve also added that “Historians will be interested in seeing Pakistan’s open acceptance that they were supplying arms. It is an interesting dimension which has publicly been acknowledged.”

It is notable here that Salve has been representing India’s case on Kulbhushan Jadhav at the International Court of Arbitration in Hague. He was able to get a stay order on his death sentence pronounced by a military court in Pakistan.

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