Army is eyeing its fighter jet, deploying Pakistan near Ladakh border

JF-17 fighter Jet
Image Source: Global Village Space

Pakistan has been continuing tension between India and Pakistan ever since Article 370 was removed from Jammu & Kashmir deploying Fighter Jets Near Ladakh. In the midst of these tensions, the Pakistani Army is doing another nefarious act. The Pakistani Air Force is deploying its fighter aircraft near the Ladakh border. These Pakistani fighter aircraft are being deployed at the Pakistani Skardu Airport near the border of the Union Territory of Ladakh. India’s constant eye on this remains.

Government sources told news agency ANI, ‘Three C-130 transport aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force has been deployed at the Skardu Airport in Pakistan near the Union Territory of Ladakh border on Saturday. After this news comes to the fore, the Indian agencies concerned are keeping a close watch on the movement of Pakistanis in the border areas.

Sources said the equipment being transported to the Pakistani base could be aids to help fighters. According to sources, it is more likely that Pakistan is going to deploy its JF-17 aircraft at Skardu Airport bordering Ladakh border.

Special focus on Pakistani activity:
Indian intelligence agencies along with the Indian Air Force and the Army are keeping a close watch on the movement of the Pakistani Air Force, as they can see almost the entire length and breadth of the Pakistani territory.

Sources have said that Pakistan is planning to conduct a maneuver of its air force and army and during this exercise it can also shift its fighter planes to the forward base. In such a situation, it is pointing towards the Pakistani conspiracy.

History of Pakistani Jet C-130
Pakistani Airforce has been using an old model of American C-130 transport aircraft for a long time. General Zia-ul-Haq, a military ruler of Pakistan, also died in the C-130 plane crash. His C-130 aircraft crashed in August 1988 due to the bombing.

Skardu is a forward base of the Pakistan Air Force and uses it to support its military operations along the border with India. Indeed, Pakistan is trying to make a big issue with India’s decision to abolish Article-370 from Jammu and Kashmir and divide Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.

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