AAP asks people not to ‘communalise’ the communal murder of Rahul Rajput by Muslims, After their leaders participating in Delhi anti-Hindu Riots

Rahul Rajput
Image: Opindia

Following the brutal assault on 18-year-old Hindu boy Rahul Rajput by a group of Muslim mob in Delhi’s Adarsh Nagar which unfortunately led to his death, AAP leader Pawan Kumar Sharma issued a statement that deems to understate the religious angle into the gruesome murder.

While assuring that the perpetrators of the gruesome crime will be brought to justice, Sharma attempted to gloss over the religious overtones of the crime by claiming that highlighting it is akin to politicising the murder of the young man.

“We are standing by the side of the victim’s father, Mr. Sanjay, ensuring that he faces no difficulties. However, we should not communalise the incident and those who are doing it are actually trying to politicise the incident. The Arvind Kejriwal government remains committed to provide justice to the family and punish the culprits,” AAP MLA Pawan Kumar Sharma said to the media.

Rahul Rajput, a second-year Delhi University student, was brutally hacked to death by Mohammad Afroz, Mohammad Raj and 3 others for having a romantic liaison with a Muslim girl. The brother of the girl, one amongst the 5 arrested in the case, vehemently objected to their inter-faith relationship and orchestrated the assault with one other relative and 3 minors which resulted in the death of Rahul.

The 18-year-old-man was drawn out of his house on Wednesday evening on some pretext, where Mohammad Afroz, Mohammad Raj, and 3 others were lurking in the corner to physically assault him. The five assailants rained blows on him and mercilessly flogged him, leaving him mortally injured. The young man somehow managed to crawl back to his house after which he was rushed to a nearby hospital. However, he succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment at the hospital.

AAP leaders Tahir Hussain accused of engineering anti-Hindu riots in Delhi

The sanctimonious suggestion by an AAP leader to not “communalise” the death of Rahul Rajput which was clearly driven by objection to the inter-faith relationship between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl, came even as the Aam Aadmi Party has a long and troubled history of stoking communal passions to further its politics.

A few months back, an AAP leader was amongst those who had conspired to instigate anti-Hindu riots in the national capital under the guise of carrying out peaceful protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act. Then AAP councillor Tahir Hussain was reportedly involved in enabling a Muslim mob that dragged Intelligence Bureau sleuth Ankit Sharma inside the AAP corporator’s house and brutally killed him. Sharma was stabbed at least 400 times for over four to six hours. It was only after an FIR filed in connection with IB staffer Ankit Sharma’s death included Tahir Hussain’s name, the AAP party suspended him.

AAP councillor Tahir Hussain later confessed to having engineered the anti-Hindu riots in Delhi. In his confession to the Delhi Police, Hussain said that Khalid Saifi, who is very close to him, planned the riots with him. He once told him that his political position and money should be used against Hindus and for the community. He promised Saifi that he will always be ready to take any step. After the Supreme Court ruled in favour of Ram Lalla Virajman and the Indian government passed Citizen Amendment Act tabled by Home Minister Amit Shah, Tahir and Khalid met and decided that this is time they have to act.

The charge sheet pertaining to FIR 114 states that Tahir played a vital role in burning several Hindu shops in the Khajuri Khas area along with his accomplices. During the investigation, police found out that he had instigated a mob during the riots of 24th and 25th February 2020 saying that Hindus have killed many Muslims and had set their shops on fire on the Sherpur Chowk. The charge sheet says, “Only 64 live cartridges and 22 empty cartridges were recovered at his instance. During interrogation, he could not give an account of the remaining 14 live cartridges and 22 empty/fired cartridges, when and where the same were fired/used.”

AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan defended Tahir Hussain saying riots will continue to happen in India

Another AAP leader, Amanatullah Khan, is another politician from the Arvind Kejriwal-led party, who is known for making communally provocative statements every now and then. While defending the riotous activities sponsored and supported by former AAP councillor Tahir Hussain, Khan claimed that so long as Muslims are discriminated against, riots will continue to convulse the country.

So while AAP leader Pawan Kumar Sharma pontificates that the death of a young Hindu man by a Muslim mob should not be communalised so as to politicise the incident, his own party members are among those who unabashedly ginned up anti-Hindu frenzy and divided the society on the religious line.

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