A man became IPS due to his girlfriend, promised to turn the world over with his girlfriend

Manoj Sharma
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This book titled ’12th fails, hara wahi jo lada nahin’ is based on the life of Manoj Sharma, an IPS officer of Maharashtra cadre and this book fills the heart of every youth who gets frustrated with the small loss in life. And deviate from their goal. This book is based on the life of IPS Manoj Sharma written by his partner Anurag Pathak. In this book, the difficulties encountered in the life of Manoj Sharma have been mentioned and how Manoj Sharma has faced these difficulties.

Become an IPS like this

According to the book ’12th fails, hara wahi jo nahi lada’, Manoj Sharma was born in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh. Manoj Sharma was not very fast in studies and passed his ninth, tenth and 11th class from third division. According to Manoj Sharma, he passed the 11th examination with the help of cheating. At the same time, he had spread due to not being able to copy in class 12th. After passing 12, Manoj Sharma enrolled in college and studied diligently. Manoj Sharma started preparing for IAS after earning a degree with good marks. But he had to work very hard to become an IAS and he could pass the exam of IAS for the fourth time.

According to Manoj Sharma, due to the trust of his girlfriend, he was able to pass the fourth turn IAS exam. Manoj Sharma had promised his girlfriend that if she said yes, he would turn the whole world around and with this promise, Manoj started preparing for his UPSC.

Manoj Sharma is an IPS from 2005 batch Maharashtra cadre and is posted as Additional Commissioner of West Region in Mumbai. According to a childhood friend of Manoj, Manoj prepared for UPSC in Gwalior for 2 years. After completing preparations, he moved to Delhi and took coaching there.

But his selection could not be done thrice. Due to which many of Manoj’s friends advised him to return back to the village. But Manoj did not pay attention to the things of the people and started preparing for the UPSC exam with his mind. Manoj passed the UPSC exam for the fourth time and fulfilled his dream of becoming an IPS

According to Manoj Sharma, after passing the pre and mains in the fourth turn, the people of the selection committee in the interview asked him a variety of questions. Seeing his bio-data, he was first asked why he should be selected instead of those who have qualified IITs and IIMs. In response to this question, Manoj Sharma had said that after failing in 12th, I have reached here, that means there will be some quality in me. Hearing these answers, the members of the selection committee selected them. Today Manoj has become an IPS and is offering his services to this country.

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