10 Hindus You Should Follow Online

10 Hindus You Should Follow Online
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The main problem of our people is that they don’t even know who they are! they don’t know about ancient Indian scriptures and history. That is why they are easy to convert and manipulate.

These things are changing, youth is returning to Dharma. This work will be incomplete without the help of our Rishis and Gurus… This is not a ranking list.

1. Om Swami

Om Swami is a remarkable saint of our age and author of 15 books including Kundalini, A Million Thoughts, The Wellness Sense etc. He is a Shakta Saint. He is popular among bookworms and students. His videos are really helpful for those who are interested in starting their spiritual journey. He makes videos both in Hindi and English.

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2. Sadhguru

Sadhguru: 'Fundamental responsibility for every person is to become a  joyous human being'

Sadhguru is a Hathyogi and a Brahmarishi. You might dislike him for his political opinions but when it comes to Dharma… He is one of the best.

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3. Gaur Gopal Das

Gaur Gopal Das Speech: The Tree of Life - English Speeches

Gaur Gopal Das is a Vaishnava Saint. He is a famous Motivational Speaker and a bestselling author. He is popular among Youth Internationally. Positivity is very important.

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4. HH Radhanath Swami

Radhanath Swami is internationally known for his contribution to Hare Krsna Movement. He is also famous among Hollywood stars and International Political Leaders. He is the Guru of Gaur Gopal Das and Jay Shetty. He is also an International Gau rakshak.

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5. Pujya Rajan Ji Maharaj

पूज्य राजन जी महाराज (rajan jee maharaj) के बारे में जाने - हमारी विरासत

Pujya Rajan Ji Maharaj is a famous North Indian Ram Katha Vachak. His Ram Katha has a unique flavor that attracts millions. If you love Hindi Ram Katha, must listen to him.

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6. Shri Hit Premanand Govind Sharan Ji Maharaj

Shri Hit Premanand Govind Sharan ji Maharaj

Shri Hit Premanand Ji is a very famous Bhakti Saint of Vrindavan. He is famous for his lectures on Radha Krishna and Dharma. If you don’t have time to read Scriptures, you can listen to him.

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7. Amarendra Das

Amarendra Das Prabhu will never accept the title of a Saint and he will surely say that he doesn’t deserve to be in this list because he a pure devotee, but I know that today’s generation should listen to him.

His Lecture ?

8. Amogh Lila Prabhu

Bgis.org: Top Boarding School in India, Residential School for boys

Amogh Lila Prabhu is known for his humour and storytelling. He is famous among Youth of India and a Vice President of Iskcon Dwarka. He makes videos about different aspects of life.

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9. Jay Lakhani

Jay Lakhani might not look like a saint but he is a saint from his heart. He deals with the academic part of Hinduism. He participates in debates internationally and fights for the truth. Today’s Youth must listen to him if they want to do something for Dharma.

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10. Dharma Speaks

If anti-Hindu people, Islamists, abusive hypocrite atheists defeat you in debates, you must watch videos of Dharma Speaks. I can’t say much about him but I want to say Thank You.

His Beautiful YouTube Channel ?

If we want Ancient Dharmik Civilization to rise again, we have to increase our wisdom. There are many more glorious personalities, we will talk about them later.

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