How to Keep Your SEO Rankings after a Website Redesign


SEO stands for Search engine Optimization. It is an effort to make your pages rush through the algorithm of the search engine and reach the top results on the view page whenever the user searches for that topic. Many companies such as are providing such services because to beat the competition, it is preferable to seek professional guidance.

SEO is the most in-demand technique used today to rank pages on the world wide web. Whenever you search for something, mostly the first ranked links are your routine choice to consider. Similarly, other people also have the same psychology regarding the choice of links. Only researchers go for the next pages. Usually, everyone finds their answer on the first page of the search results.


From a search engine’s perspective, there is a list of measures to consider while ranking the pages. Google itself analyses over two hundred aspects of a page to rank it against a request. All these aspects hold a certain ratio in the formula. Every search engine has its formula which is kept top secret to prevent poor quality pages reach the top by rigging. 


These formulas are also never kept rigid. As per studies and research, they are changed after some uneven intervals to prevent the public from knowing the keys and improving the quality to the maximum. Despite not knowing the algorithm, professionals and researchers have still figured out a few ways to organically improve the ranking of your page.

The brand name is a big hit when it comes to successful digital marketing. Brands with a reputed brand name can easily win the race on the digital search engines. But this too is becoming tougher due to the saturation in the marketplace. Apart from these, small emerging businesses seem to have no hope when they step into the industry as the top links are already acquired by the industry giants.

In such a situation SEO comes in handy. Not only new but old well-structured businesses are also opting for SEO for their platforms as it is the only way to rank your business after ensuring the quality of service provided.


SEO not only helps the main website but also other fellow platforms to be recognized. This is done via links. SEO considers links while analyzing the results. Your content must have links to other websites that offer the same services or are related to the context anyhow. 

In this way when other websites implement this method, your website might also have a chance to be featured. This increases the backlinks of your website which increases the authenticity and reliability of your content. 


User experience is also a big factor in the search engine ranking algorithm. Previously, Google only used rigid parameters to observe the performance of a platform. Like it only considered the number of links in the content but not their quality. With such a testing mechanism, poor quality content is used to strike the top position in the results without actually delivering the required content. This was badly affecting the user experience as people were not choosing top links anymore because of the lack of required information.

But the improved version of the algorithm takes the user experience into account and considers the quality of the content. This has succeeded in ensuring the quality of the results that appear on the top to a great extent. 


Google has now even introduced the answer box system which takes the best answer from the pages and displays it on the top to ease the reader. This might increase the traffic of your webpage if user gets a satisfactory response from the limited lines visible in the box.


To help your page make it to the answer box, you should try to replace your headings with short and direct questions so that when the user types a question, the algorithm gets the required results from your page immediately as the heading matches the searched keywords.

Keywords also play a great role in measuring the quality of your content according to the policies of Google. The more the use of appropriate keywords, the better will be the results. Your content length matters in this case too. The longer the content, the more keywords will it be able to accommodate. 

But these are only general statements and suggestions that you can find online. For permanent and ensuring implementation, you might want to visit an agency to optimize your service for you. They are also available online. Many setups can even provide you online samples to prove their performance to you.

Hence, there is tough competition out there for every new startup today. So, you should always consider SEO as an essential part of the business while launching it online. 

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