How To Influence People With Twitter Marketing

How to do Twitter Marketing
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Twitter is touted as one of the most powerful tools of communication around the world. Though using the social platform is easy for many, acquiring more followers can be a nightmare if you don’t understand the ropes.

While buying likes from credible platforms is believed to help in boosting growth, Twitter marketing has become a perfect way of increasing followers. In fact, if you find it challenging to grow your Twitter profile organically, you better invest time, resources, and energy in Twitter marketing.

So, how can you win friends and influence people with Twitter marketing? Read on!

Share Valuable Marketing Information

Sharing helpful marketing content with the target audience is ideal in getting more followers. The more people interact with your marketing content, the more they share which attracts more followers. That way, you can easily win more friends.

The bottom line is that you must ensure marketing messages shared via tweets offer important insight that can help followers make informed purchase decisions. That way, you stand a chance to attract more followers to your platform even if they may not be interested in buying your product.

Use video Marketing Content

Blending both text and video content in Twitter marketing can help increase the number of followers. Generally, video marketing content is likely to attract more likes, clicks, and views which can in return bring on board more followers. This way, the video may attract more followers depending on whether the information is helpful to the target audience.

While most viewers may not be interested in buying a product, they are likely to retweet and share with friends which may attract the interest of other active Twitter users.

Set up Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Running a marketing campaign in a designated geographical location makes it easier to acquire more followers compared to a general approach. This is because most people in the target location are likely to be interested in knowing more about your products even if they may not take some action.

As such, you stand a chance to attract more followers to your platform. To achieve better results, you need to carry out research to understand your client persona.

Use Paid Ads

Paid ads help in reaching out to a wider audience that you may not be able to reach in ordinary circumstances. As paid ads are shown to your target audience, some of the population is likely to become your followers even if they may never convert. This is a perfect recipe for growth through Twitter marketing. In that case, if you are struggling to grow your social platform, you can choose to leverage Twitter marketing features in order to acquire more followers. 

With research indicating that approximately 67% of B2B  businesses use Twitter for marketing, it is no doubt that most of these businesses have experienced growth in their Twitter profiles as a result of marketing. This is because ad campaigns reach out to a wider audience which may aid in boosting the number of Twitter followers.

Boost Posts

Ordinarily, Twitter shows boosted tweets to a wider audience compared to normal tweets. This is why despite posting regularly, your tweets may not attract more followers as it would through boosting. The feature enables you to pay a fee in order for your post to be shown to a wider audience.

 has a potential to reach out to a wider audience than you may not reach out if you tried

Research indicates that 67% of B2B businesses use Twitter for marketing. Besides being an ideal tool for communication, a sharp increase in the number of people using Twitter for marketing, the social platform

Be Proactive

Twitter marketing is not about just sharing marketing content. You need to comment and engage with the target audience round the clock. This helps in building customer confidence which in return brings on board more followers.

Alternatively, you can choose to share helpful tips that may be helpful to clients. That way, you stand a chance to appeal to more followers who are likely to be attracted to your platform. If you post and fail to engage followers in real-time, followers may lose trust in you making it difficult to achieve growth.

Share Free Offers

Offers are a great way to lure more friends and followers to your Twitter account. Besides attracting more potential clients for your business, offers helps establish a long-term relationship with prospects. Whether you intend to launch a new product or have discounted offers, the first platform you should use is your Twitter account.

 With a consistent flow of offers, you are likely to attract more followers to the platform. This is because existing friends are likely to share your offers with their friends who may end up becoming your followers. The trick is not only cheap but also effective in acquiring organic followers for your Twitter account.

Share Newsletters

The use of newsletters is an ideal way of attracting potential followers. With a free newsletter, you are able to share important information about your brand. The more people interact and share your newsletter the more they are likely to lure more followers to your platform.

Additionally, quality newsletters not only place your brand on top of the game but also improves confidence among your prospects. This helps in strengthening relationships with followers thereby contributing to the growth of your Twitter platform. The more your newsletter is shared across various platforms the more you attract more followers.

The Use of Whitepapers

Whitepapers have become a perfect way of acquiring new followers. Besides being a popular lead magnet, whitepapers offer helpful industrial or product information that clients need to help them in purchasing decisions.

 As such, the use of whitepapers is not only ideal for marketing but also increasing the number of followers on your platform. As the whitepaper gets more retweets, you increase the chances of reaching out to a wider audience.


Twitter marketing is not only ideal to reach out to potential clients but also contributes to growth. The more followers retweet helpful marketing information the more followers you are likely to acquire for your Twitter handle.

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