Who is Esha Jhanji on social media?

Who is Esha Jhanji

Actor Tom Hiddleston once said, “Never stop fighting. Never stop dreaming. Don’t be afraid of wearing your heart on your sleeve.” Esha Jhanji truly believes in those words as she wore her heart on her sleeves and decided to follow her dreams. As a huge Bollywood fan, Esha aspired to be an actress from her childhood days. But she didn’t wait for opportunities to knock on her doorstep, instead created them herself.

Thanks to social media, one doesn’t have to wait for years to showcase their talent. With several apps like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram reels, aspiring actors show their acting skills. The ones whose videos get viral and noticed by filmmakers or producers hit the jackpot with movie/show offers. Similarly, Esha Jhanji started making videos on traveling, fashion, and lifestyle and became an internet sensation.

Esha Jhanji is a lovely actress who enjoys being a social media influencer. She loves to be in front of the camera, enact funny scenes/dialogues from shows or movies, or sync songs. All this helped her rise to popularity, and there are several fan pages with her name on Instagram. Esha says that when she saw her first fan page, it hit her that her dreams are finally coming true. She has made it and is just a call away from appearing in movies too.

When asked what role social media has played in helping her achieve the fame and love she enjoys, Esha shares, “Social media has played a great role in my life. I am so thankful for it. It gave me my family my ‘eshians’ who are always there for me and I’m there for them too. I built many strong connections with fellow Instagrammers, TikTokers. I made my first salary here. It was a place from where I met my best friend. It’s just so important for me which I can’t describe.

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