The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

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Body hair is completely natural, and there are a lot of people these days who are choosing to embrace this and have stopped bothering with shaving, waxing, or other hair removal treatments. While this might be the preference for some, others still like to have smooth legs, armpits, bikini lines, or any other particular area on the body. For those that do want to manage their body hair rather than go au naturel, you might want to consider laser hair removal as a solution for you. Here are some of the benefits of this treatment that might interest you.

Long-lasting Effects

Laser hair removal is considered to be permanent because of how long it can be effective. While this doesn’t mean your body hair will never grow back, it can take up to two years after your set of treatments to do so, which is far longer than waxing or shaving. If you are sick of having to book salon appointments every few weeks or even spend time in the shower or bath shaving to stay smooth, this could be one of the most appealing benefits of laser hair removal.

It Can Be More Cost-effective

While laser hair removal might not seem cheap at first, it can be more cost effective in the long-term for people having this treatment. A waxing appointment, bottle of hair removal cream, or even a pack of razors might feel like a small expense most of the time, and this is true; however, when you think about how much money you spend on these treatments or items in a year, that expense gets bigger over time. Laser hair removal sessions can cost around $389, with additional costs like consultation fees, aftercare, and so on. However, this cost will vary depending on the number of sessions you need, the size of the area you’re treating, and more. You will always have to check this with your consultant to know what the exact cost would be for your specific treatments.

Can Be Less Painful

It’s important to note that laser hair removal is not painless, and everyone will have a different pain threshold so some might find this procedure more uncomfortable than others. However, compared to treatments like waxing, or risking cutting yourself with a razor, laser hair removal is considered to be less painful. Your skin will be red for a few hours after each session and it will likely be tender to the touch as though you have sunburn. However, this does go away fully within a day or two and your consultant can give you further advice on how to soothe your skin to make you more comfortable after your sessions. You can find out more about this procedure and what to expect at dermani Medspa.

No In-growing Hairs

Finally, another big benefit to laser hair removal is that you won’t have to worry so much about in-grown hairs. This is a relatively common side-effect of waxing or shaving and it can be very painful if it gets bad enough. If you would like to avoid this issue, laser hair removal could be the ideal solution.

Laser hair removal will not be a procedure that is right for everyone, but there are certainly a lot of benefits to it that make it worth considering.