Taking a short trip? Here’s everything you need

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A vacation is something that we all look forward to, in hope of taking a break and rewiring our mind, body and soul. It helps unwind and rejuvenate from within, which keeps us going refreshed and more energetic than ever. 

When it comes to planning the holiday, you need to take out the old’ pen and paper, make a list of things you would need during the stay and then get to the packing part. To help you with this, we have made a full-proof list of things you need for your travel and vacation, so you have a great time!

1) Chargers, cash and documents

First things first, if you’re travelling abroad get yourself a universal charger plug that can fit into all sockets. It is a long-term investment in case you’re a frequent traveller as well. 

Next, get your currency converted and have it ready in your bag. Nothing is more inconvenient when you have the money but it isn’t useful. Also, keep a separate section in your bag for passport and immigration documents. 

2) Medicines, toiletries and personal care 

Next, make a list of medicines you need during travelling in case of emergency. Also pack allergen tablets if you’re prone. Next, get your painkillers, paracetamols and hygiene products like toilet seat covers, sprays, herbal mosquito repellent and sanitary cloth pads. 

Sanitary cloth pads are a better choice than other hygiene products as they are biodegradable, help keep the environment clean and cause no plastic waste. You can also use a few biodegradable cleansing wipes, sanitizer and sunscreen during travel. 

For your personal care, make a little kit with travel-size face wash, moisturiser, shampoo and conditioner together. Apart from it, carry a travel pillow for a comfortable flight. 

3) Swimsuit, flip flops and sports shoes

For the beaches or pool at the hotel, carry a swimsuit and big towel to have uninterrupted fun in the water. Apart from that, it’s always good to have a pair of sports shoes for travel, especially for treks or workout sessions at the hotel gym.

4) Clothes

Of course, you would need clothes that suit the weather, but also, you need to pack smart and light as well. So, pick up two denims, one trouser, three to four t-shirts and a pair of dresses. For the night, get two comfortable sleepwear’s. The idea is to pack clothes that you can pair with more things. For footwear, keep it to two main ones with a flip-flop and additional sports shoes. 

5) Snacks

Packing your snacks is always a good idea. Some places might not have your taste or you might be hungry on the go. Keep a few packets of biscuits or dry snacks for these situations. 

6) General Commodities

Apart from all the essentials, do keep in mind that a few things come in handy in case of need like an umbrella, sunglasses, a small backpack, water bottle, vitamins, hair ties, flashlight, earphones, a small pocket knife etc. 

When you’re on travel, keep in mind that the sanctity of the place is to be maintained at all times. As our responsibility towards the environment, only choose organic products during your travels and choose sustainable living at all times.