Stuck in a Toxic Relationship? Here’s When You Might Need to Hire an Attorney

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Relationships can and do breakdown; it is a perfectly natural and common occurrence, but this doesn’t make it any less awful to confront.

Dealing with a toxic and dangerous marriage is another matter entirely, particularly if you have begun to feel as though your health and wellbeing are in danger.

Sometimes it can get to a point where thinking about your legal options is the best way to move forward and separate yourself from a grim stage in your life. If you are thinking and seeking a separation from your toxic marriage, these are the signs worth watching out for. In addition, due to the circumstances of wanting a separation because of a toxic marriage, you’ll also find some pointers on when you might need to reach out to an attorney and other outside help.

Mental Abuse

Toxic marriages can be incredibly difficult to break out of, particularly since it can take time to recognize them when you’re in the middle of the situation. It might start out as gaslighting – altering the reality of the situation so much that you feel as though you are the one that is crazy or unreasonable.

If you feel as though you are being constantly humiliated, frightened, oppressed, or you fear for your mental health, it is likely worth reaching out to see what help you can find regarding your marital status.  

You are not alone either, even if it feels like it right now. Talking to someone is difficult, especially when it’s such a sensitive topic, but fighting it alone might be even harder.

Physical Violence

No one deserves to suffer physical violence at the hands of their partner. It’s an insidious crime that needs to be recognized, but while it’s easy to say that from the outside, leaving a relationship or marriage can be extremely hard, particularly as an abuser will often separate the victim from their family and friends early on.

Whether it’s fear, love, or any number of other reasons, finding the courage to admit there’s something wrong takes real bravery.

You need to put your immediate physical safety first. You can store cash somewhere secret so that you have money for when you leave. Get a throwaway phone, hidden if necessary, so that when you go they have no way to contact you. Try to go somewhere that you know you will be safe or that your abuser has no way of knowing where you will be. If you need to because it would give you peace of mind, you could also look into getting a restraining order. This will ensure that even if you separate from them and you worry about their reaction, you have protective measures in place.


Perhaps the most common time to hire an attorney regarding family law, divorce is common and sometimes absolutely the right way to go.

Some of the best family law attorneys are well aware of the immense difficulties and nuances that can arise in these particular situations, and their wealth of experience can enable them to give you the right advice and fight your corner every step of the way.

Many divorces go smoothly, but others, particularly those attached to toxic relationships, may be the exact opposite.

A good attorney will be able to help you through this tumultuous period, and if needs be, defend you in a court of law.

It can seem like the hardest act in the world, but ultimately, it’s to benefit your quality of life and help you through the dark times.

To Reach a Positive End Goal

You might be feeling as though there is no positive end in sight – this is normal, and fortunately, not the case, as you can enlist some legal help to ensure that you reach a point that best suits you.

Taking action is exceptionally difficult, but with the right support and mindset, you can do it.

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