Meet the World’s Richest Beggar Bharat Jain

A beggar in India is a common sight but Mumbai’s Bharat Jain has turned begging into a lucrative profession.

Richest Beggar Bharat Jain

For some Indian people, begging provides them with some help as they desperately struggle but this is not the case for Bharat Jain, who is said to be the world’s richest beggar.

He has turned begging into a profitable and lucrative profession, taking begging to a new level.

Bharat can be seen begging on the streets of Mumbai, receiving money from unsuspecting citizens.

Due to financial instability, Bharat was unable to pursue formal education and resorted to begging in order to get money.

Despite this, Bharat is a married man with a family that includes his wife and their two sons, his brother and his father.

Locals see him asking for money and hand it over but unbeknown to them, Bharat’s begging has reportedly resulted in him being worth Rs. 7.5 Crore (£707,000).

It is reported he makes between Rs. 60,000 (£560) and Rs. 75,000 (£700) per month from begging.

Bharat Jain is said to own a two-bedroom flat in Mumbai worth Rs. 1.2 Crore (£113,000). He also owns two shops in Thane, each costing Rs. 30,000 (£280) a month to rent.

Bharat can be seen begging at well-known locations like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus railway station (CSMT) or Azad Maidan.

Despite being a wealthy man, Bharat continues to beg on the streets of Mumbai.

While many people struggle to earn a few hundred rupees even after working long hours, Bharat manages to make Rs. 2,000 (£18) to Rs. 2,500 (£23) within 10 hours each day, thanks to the generosity of people.

Although Bharat owns a two-bedroom flat, he and his family currently live in a one-bedroom duplex apartment in Parel.

His children have completed their education after attending a convent school.

Bharat’s other family members run a stationary store.

However, he ignores them and continues to beg.

On the face of it, beggars indicate that they are barely surviving.

But in cases like Bharat, you truly do not know what a person’s financial situation is.

This is the same in Pakistan, where there are up to 25 million beggars.

Those begging includes men dramatically dressed as women near traffic lights and sad-looking mothers desperately cradling their babies.

It’s almost impossible to sit in a parked car without being approached by a group of orphaned children or a lonely old man with missing limbs.

This is because beggars in Pakistan come in different forms and use distinct tactics to attract people.

While some aim to entertain, most appeal to human sympathy.

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