Four Human Foods You Can Feed Your Dog & Four Foods to Avoid

Human Foods For Your Dog
Image: insidedogsworld

Every dog owner knows the temptation to give into the adorable look their precious pooch gives them and share a few scraps from the roast dinner they’re tucking into or break off a piece of a snack they’re enjoying on the couch.

However, it’s important to stay extremely vigilant and educate yourself on the foods which can cause illness and even fatalities amongst dogs. With this in mind, here are four human foods you can feed to your dog and four foods to absolutely avoid.

1.    Avoid Grapes & Treat Them to Yogurt

One of the most important foods that you must make sure you never feed your pet dog are grapes and raisins, which although not poisonous to all pooches, can cause kidney failure in some, so it’s obviously best to entirely avoid such foods and make sure you never drop one on the floor.

Conversely, if you’re enjoying a snack of fruit and yogurt, you can treat your dog to a spoonful or two of plain yoghurt, providing it’s in moderation and contains no seeds or lumps of hidden fruit.

2.    Avoid Chocolate & Treat Them to Apples

Hopefully, as a dog owner you are already fully aware of the dangers of feeding your dog even the smallest chunk of chocolate.

Chocolate and any other food or drink products containing even tiny traces of caffeine can be incredibly harmful to dogs and in some tragic cases, can even cause fatalities. If you’re being watched with those adorable puppy-dog eyes when you are tucking into a candy bar, cut some thin slices of fresh apple and feed these to your dog at the same time.

3.    Avoid Onions & Treat Them to Green Peas

If you’re preparing a delicious hot meal for your family, laden with vegetables and lashings of gravy, you must make sure that not even a slice of onion, or garlic for that matter, goes anywhere near your dog’s mouth.

Any vegetable in the onion family, including both shallots and chives, are incredibly toxic to dogs and can cause damage to their red blood cells, as well as serious cases of gastroenteritis. As with any other foods, if you’re wondering can dogs eat bananas, if you’re unsure, you should always consult your veterinarian.

Instead, green peas are one of the healthiest human foods you can give to your dog and sprinkling green peas over their dry food will make for a happy and healthy pooch.

4.    Avoid Alcohol & Treat Them to Rice

You should never, under any circumstances, give your dog alcohol as it can have a horrible effect on their digestive system and even smaller amounts in things such as syrups and bread dough that has not been cooked can be fatal.

Conversely, even though plain boiled rice can seem somewhat unexciting to humans, it is a delicious and tasty treat for your dog, regardless of its breed, age, or size.