5 Ways to Manage Body Hair

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Having body hairs is normal. Some people embrace their hair, and there’s nothing wrong with it. You can be proud of whatever body you are in. However, it’s also okay if you decide to stay smooth. For some, these bodily hairs can be annoying and visually unappealing. If you want to manage your body hair easily, these tips are worth considering.


While exfoliation doesn’t remove hair, it can help remove dead skin cells. Make sure you don’t exfoliate close to a hair removal procedure of your choice. You will irritate your skin. The goal is to remove dead skin cells through exfoliation, and you should do it regularly.


Shaving is perhaps the most common and easiest way to remove bodily hairs. You may use shaving cream to prevent cuts and bruises. It also smoothens the process. Of course, shaving can sometimes be painful, especially if not done right. You will also grow your hair back in a few days. Make sure you shave with the grain and not against it for the best results. You can also expect more cuts if you go against the grain.


While it’s essential to use a shaving cream if you shave, you have to keep your skin dry for waxing. You can do it yourself if you know the process, but it’s best to let someone do it. Waxing can be tricky when you have to reach certain areas in your body. The good thing about waxing is it would take a while for the hair to regrow. But, of course, the downside is that it’s a painful process. The key to avoiding extreme pain is removing it quickly after a few seconds of applying the wax. It’s like ripping off the Band-aid. It might be painful, but it’s better than going slow.

Laser hair removal

The best way to get rid of bodily hair is laser hair removal. It’s a pain-free procedure using a laser that targets specific areas in your body. You only need a few sessions. The goal isn’t only to remove the hair and prevent it from ever growing back. You might regrow your hair down the road, but it won’t be as thick as it used to be. If you can afford the procedure, it’s your best option for hair removal. Find the right laser hair removal clinic to help you get rid of unwanted hair.

Always pamper after the procedure

Regardless of your chosen procedure, you need to pamper yourself. It can be itchy and uncomfortable, depending on your preferred method. If you shave, there might be cuts, and they could be painful for days. The same thing is true about waxing. You will see lots of red spots on the shaved area. If you choose laser hair removal, there are products you can apply after the procedure.

Maintaining smooth skin requires the removal of unwanted hair. However, with the aid of modern technology, it’s no longer a problem.