5 Things to Look for in a Perfect Suit

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Wearing a suit makes you look elegant, smart, and confident.

Unfortunately, not all suits are created equal. It’s the best suits, like customised ones made by a bespoke tailor, that provide you with the best fit. Others, especially inferior made ones, not so much. Instead, these suits make you look drab and out of place.

So, before you go looking for a good suit to wear at your promotion ceremony, or during your best friend’s wedding, or to any formal event at that, be sure to know what the perfect suit is like.

How can you tell if a suit is of high quality?

It is made from 100% wool, linen or other quality fabric.

High-quality fabric is the trademark of a good suit. 

Don’t fall for ads that tell you a blend of certain fabrics is the best or that synthetic fabric is more durable. They’re not, especially when it’s suits you’re talking about.

Always look for 100% wool or 100% linen. Silk, velvet and cotton are also great options depending on the event you’re going to. But stay away from other kinds of fabric.

And don’t forget to check the thread or yarn, too. You will know these are quality ones simply by checking where they’re from. You might want to opt for something other than those made in China.

The stitching is excellent work.

A suit’s stitching is just as important as the fabric. After all, it’s what holds the suit together.

But don’t be surprised to find some suits held together by stitching that looks like a 5-year-old did it. Steer clear of such low craftsmanship.

What you need to do is examine a suit’s stitching as closely as you can. When you find excellent techniques that result in fine, straight lines and subtle needlework that gives the suit a completely finished look, just like how a bespoke tailor would do it, then you have found your high-quality suit.

Another thing to check is the suit’s lining. Look for one with a full or half canvass, which acts as the foundation for the suit’s shape. Without it, your suit will sag, and you end up looking unsightly.

The details are spot-on, and the design is classy.

A good suit will have perfect details, from the buttons to the pockets and every fine part of the whole get-up. 

If you find pockets that don’t come together or buttons that don’t align with the buttonholes, it’s definitely a good idea to move on to something else.

Moreover, you need to be particular with the design. Check the color of the suit. Will it fade soon, or is it dyed properly that the color is sure to last? Are the patterns perfectly aligned? These are the questions that you need to ask and more. And if you’re satisfied with the answers, you will know you have the best suit on your hands.

Always choose quality above everything else. 

Sure, affordability matters. But why choose a cheap suit when you only wear it once, and it falls apart afterward? It’ll be a waste of money.

But going for suits made by a bespoke tailor or from a renowned shop is actually cheaper in the long run. So, make that investment and enjoy a suit that can last numerous events, even ten years after.

Plus, you get to wear something that fits perfectly and makes you look like you’re on top of the world.

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