5 Different Types Of Pre-Workout Supplements

5 Different Types Of Pre-Workout Supplements
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Pre-workout supplements are vital for most gym buffs and bodybuilders before they begin their workout routines. Drinks such as Australian pre-workout supplements help boost their energies and enhance their endurance. But not everyone knows what makes these supplements work.

Before investing your money in any pre-workout supplement that you find in the market, you must understand how they work by knowing its components. Here are some common ingredients that contribute to making the best pre-workout supplement that you can buy.


Everyone knows that drinking coffee and other caffeinated drinks can jumpstart the day. It is the reason why it is one of the best ingredients used in Australian pre-workout supplements. 

Previous research found out that caffeine can help boost anaerobic power performance. It can also enhance your focus. While drinking an eight-ounce coffee, you will get the most benefits if you replace your drink with a pre-workout supplement before doing your exercises.    


Stronger muscle endurance is necessary when doing tough workouts like HIIT, Spartan training, and CrossFit. You can fuel up your muscle endurance by taking your chosen Australian pre-workout supplements made with beta-alanine. 

According to studies, beta-alanine helps boost endurance and slows down muscle fatigue. These supplements also help improve your workout performance, specifically during the extreme bouts of exercise that run for one minute or more.  


Nitrates are compounds that trigger nitric oxide. It is used to build up the blood flow to your working muscles for better performance and higher endurance. 

Some athletes get their nitrate supply by drinking beet juice before their competition. But for a more convenient intake, you can invest in a high-quality pre-workout supplement to drink before exercising. 


Creatine, also known as methyl guanidinoacetic acid, is developed by the body through a combination of three major amino acids – arginine, methionine, and glycine. Studies claimed that it helps build and maintain muscle mass by resynthesizing the body’s primary source of energy (ATP) at a fast rate. 

Aside from muscle development, creatine also comes with other health benefits. It includes reducing Parkinson’s disease, fighting against other neurological disorders, and lowering blood sugar levels to avoid diabetes. Creatine can also reduce tiredness and fatigue.  

Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

Health buffs recognise amino acids as protein’s building blocks. A combination of amino acids called BCAAs can help maintain your lean muscles. 

BCAAs are composed of isoleucine, leucine, and valine. These proteins have distinct roles, but they provide better benefits for pre-workout routines when combined. It also works best for athletes who are strength training or preparing for power sports.  

How to Take pre-workout Supplements 

Pre-workout supplements are often in powder form. For example, you can make a sports drink by mixing your chosen supplement with water. It should be consumed 30 minutes to an hour before you begin your training programme. Some vitamins are also available as powders or foods.

Taking pre-workout supplements are best during the days when you need an extra energy boost. It will help you endure any gym or workout routine, especially if you feel tired or low. In addition, the added boost that you receive from these supplements will help you finish strong after another day at the gym. 

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