4 Quick Travel Workouts: Staying in Shape During Your Business Travels

Stay Healthy All Year Round

You’re packing for a business trip and promising yourself that you’re going to eat well and keep (or start) that workout routine. You might even go so far as to pack healthy snacks and your gym outfit to boost your motivation.

Then reality sets in, and you’re surrounded by yummy food and tired from traveling and being in meetings all day.

We’ve all been there.

It’s much easier to plan to work out in your head than it is to actually do it when you’re on a business trip. If you are planning to take a business trip, it is important to make sure you are aware of the visa requirements for your destination country, click here to know more if you are traveling to the USA. But with these quick and easy workouts, you don’t have to lose all the progress you’ve made when you’re off your normal schedule.

1. Bodyweight Exercises

You probably don’t want to carry your weights with you, and you can’t fit a treadmill in your suitcase. But there’s no “I don’t have the right equipment” excuse to avoid bodyweight exercises.

With these types of strength-training workouts, all you need is your own weight and gravity. The simplest examples are push-ups and sit-ups, and most of us have been doing these since elementary school.

Bodyweight exercises use your weight as resistance. This resistance increases your strength, endurance, coordination, and flexibility when you learn efficient movements.

Why should you add bodyweight workouts into your trip? Well, aside from the “no equipment needed” bonus, you don’t need a lot of time to do these exercises.

They’re strength-training and cardio in one, so 5-15 minutes is plenty long enough to get some of the benefits. But if you want to burn fat, try to push this to 45 minutes.

2. App Videos

Another easy travel workout involves your phone. You have it with you all the time anyway; now, it can be an extension of your physical fitness with an exercise app.

Very few people can push themselves to exercise when they aren’t motivated or being held accountable. On a trip, it’s easy to lose sight of both of these and go along with the crowd — who are probably heading to restaurants, sleeping in, or enjoying the nightlife when you’re supposed to be working out.

A fitness app helps hold you accountable and get motivated. Many apps have a personal trainer who checks in with you or workout classes, so you feel the energy of being “in-person” with others.

The workouts usually don’t need equipment, just a bit of floor room.  You can customize your app to target specific body areas or focus on overall fitness. Audio cues remind you to stay on track, videos show you how to do each exercise correctly, and trainers remind you when you haven’t been logging in.

In a hurry? Choose a workout that can be finished in 5-10 minutes. Then, log your food and drinks, fitness goals, and other health factors for even more accountability.

3. Fitness Center Machines

If you prefer working out with equipment, find out if your hotel has a fitness center (a gym).

Most lodging facilities have at least a small workout area for their guests. Check the website before your trip, and look at the hotel reviews to get an idea of whether the fitness room has the machines you prefer or not.

Pro tip: When you check-in, ask for a room near the gym. You’ll be more likely to go if you’re close to it than if your floor is on the other side of the hotel.

And go ahead and schedule a wake-up call in the morning. It’s a lot harder to ignore the phone ringing next to your head than your cell phone alarm. You’ll appreciate the early morning after you’ve done your workout.

4. Pool Time

Is swimming your thing? You’ll be glad to know that it’s one of the best exercises you can do.

Swimming is aerobic and strength training, and it works almost every muscle in your body. You’re burning calories, building muscle, and giving your brain a chance to relax. There’s no “thinking” involved when you know how to swim fluently.

Your coworkers may be relaxing on the lounge chairs with their umbrella drinks, but you’re doing something even better: staying in shape.


Your health doesn’t take a vacation while on a business trip. Calories still add up, and your immune system relies on you to fuel it with nutrition.

But you’re busy, and you don’t have time to add a full workout session to your schedule. With these four quick travel workouts, all you need is 15 minutes and a little determination.