10 Fascinating Lifestyle Trends to Look Out for in 2022

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Every year marks the start of new lifestyle trends as well as the end of old ones. Some of them continue to be popular this year, while others fade. Some old lifestyle trends may even continue to exist for another year, such as tennis bracelets.

With improved technology and connectivity, you can see these trends globally. Social platforms like Tiktok and Facebook continue to be a huge part of this globalization. Just imagine there are 2.93 billion active users on Facebook per month. It’s not a surprise that a lifestyle will be trending nowadays.

This article lists some lifestyle trends this year, from fashion to home and cooking trends. Continue reading if you want to keep up with what the world is loving today.

Fashion and Beauty Trends

1.    Diamond Earrings

No outfit is complete without the ideal set of earrings, whether they are studs, hoops, or dangles. And, while huge, fancy earrings are amazing, more people still prefer traditional studs.

Stud earrings are a staple in fashion. They are stylish and simple, and you can wear them for any occasion. Plus, these earrings are much more appealing when you add diamonds.

Diamond stud earrings with a single big carat diamond have been popular for a long time. But small earrings with lesser-carat diamonds have been gaining traction in recent years. A set of small diamond studs will accessorize your attire while making it look professional. They’re the perfect pair of small earrings if you want to dress smart.

Not only that, but brides-to-be also prefer this type of jewelry. Wedding jewelry should emphasize the bride’s elegance. Brides can achieve this with diamond stud earrings and an elegant wedding ring.

2.    Tennis Bracelets

If you think tennis bracelets are a thing of the past, then you’re wrong. These beautiful and timeless pieces of jewelry are back, and people love them even more.

From the late Princess Diana to Victoria Beckham, this jewelry has been in the spotlight since the 80s. Now, big personalities like Emma Raducanu are bringing it back into the limelight.

By adorning them with diamonds, this jewelry makes any outfit look elegant, even your everyday clothes. Tennis bracelets usually have round-cut diamonds in a 4-prong setting. Today, you can have smaller diamonds on 4-prong sets. They are no longer chunky, showy pieces of jewelry. They are ageless and sophisticated, perfect for today’s women.

3.    Layered Necklace

A beautiful layer of necklaces is a modern-yet-classic aesthetic that can elevate any outfit. Layering necklaces in 2022 is about blending different necklace designs.

Let us tell you how it works.

First, you need to find a necklace you love. This will be your main focal point, and the goal is to choose secondary necklaces that highlight the first one. Necklaces with diamond pendants are your best option for your first necklace. The next ones depend on what look and outfit you want to wear them with.

When stacking necklaces with diamond pendants, look for ways to match different diamond shapes. Chunky round-cut diamonds look great with contemporary geometric designs and patterns. This combination will give you a more sophisticated look.

4.    Rebel Cuts

Pinterest’s yearly trends report revealed that rebel cuts are one of the most-searched-for pictures in the app. Searches for “mullet hairdo” increased by 190%, while searches for “shaved head dye patterns” increased 12 times.

This goes to show that people are not scared of trying something new. If you want a new look this 2022, these statement haircuts may just be the thing you’re looking for.

5.    Glittery Fashion

Do you recall sprinkling body glitter on your shoulders in middle school? If you love doing that, then this is good news for you! This year, sequins, glitter, and anything that sparkles are everywhere.

Designers like Tom Ford added sparkling materials to their Summer 2022 collection. This made the runway feel like a Gatsby-themed party. When the COVID blues strike, try disco ball eyelashes, glitter nails, or a sequin shift dress to brighten your mood.

Add to that sparkling collection some diamond jewelry, and you’re ready to party. Diamond tennis bracelets are the perfect diamond jewelry that adds just the right amount of sparkle to your ensemble.

Health and Wellness Trends

1.    At-Home Workouts

People enjoyed the perks of working out at home. It’s less expensive and has everything they need in one place. That’s why more people have relied on home workout routines and venues.

Virtual workouts have been a thing during the pandemic and are here to stick around this year. That means people are taking an interest in having a fully-equipped workout area in their homes. Many consumers are also storing up their at-home gym equipment. Fitness fanatics are looking for new ways to stay active and maintain their fit bodies at home.

These trends appear to have caught on since they allow people to live a healthy lifestyle at their leisure. By 2025, the estimated worldwide home fitness equipment market will be worth $14.2 billion.

2.    Exercising With the Dogs

The COVID-19 epidemic forced gyms to stop briefly last 2020. People get bored of staying at home and watching every series on Netflix. They crave the outside world, and they’re bringing their dogs to enjoy the sun outside.

Dogs are great when it comes to motivating people to go for exercise. If you have one, you’ll be forced to take a break from work and go outside for a walk. They are the perfect companions, and they can help pass the time.

Every time you do squats outside, you can have your dog join in. This will help you build trust with them as well as keep them healthy. Dogs also need time to recover, so don’t forget to hydrate and rest with your dog after a workout.

3.    Mood Diaries

Have you ever considered keeping a mood journal? With all the things that have happened in the past few years, people need something to keep their emotions in check. A mood journal, like other diaries, can help you improve your mental health.

Keeping a mood diary will help you get to the bottom of persistent bad moods. This lets you recognize bad emotions and take appropriate steps to alleviate them. Writing out your feelings has also been proven to help with anxiety and depression.

Home and Cooking Trends

1.    Scrap Cooking

Millennials are serious about the zero-waste movement. That’s why this has also inspired making a meal out of what would otherwise go to the trash in the kitchen.

Food lovers are gathering every left-over food item from their kitchen and making it into something delicious. Some have tried creating waste veggie stock and broccoli stem fried rice. Others have turned orange peels into candies.

The idea is to cook the whole ingredients, from seed to stem, and leave nothing to waste. So, the next time you roast spaghetti squash, don’t throw out the seeds. You can spread them out on a pan and roast them the next day for snacking.

2.    DIY Pet Beds

Put on your hard hats. People have moved on from buying expensive pet toys to designing entire house wings for their pets.

Barkitecture, as they call it, is becoming more popular as people embrace the feeling of being a pet parent. You’ll find lots of posts about DIY pet beds or rooms across the internet. And the main stars of the show are cats.

There is a threefold increase in Pinterest searches for “luxury cat chambers” and “cat house design”. So, once you’ve given Mr. Snickers his food, snuggle him down and turn on Animal Planet.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for our biggest lifestyle trends of 2022. Hopefully, this article will keep you updated on what other people are doing these days.

It’s worth noting that lifestyle trends come about because of past events. And some stay for a couple of years or so for a reason. There’s nothing wrong with trying out some of these trends, but make sure you do that mindfully.

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