Tips To Protect Your Employees From Extreme Weather Conditions

Tips To Protect Your Employees From Extreme Weather Conditions

The scorching heat in the peak of summer seasons is a cause of many illnesses and diseases like stroke, fainting, exhaustion, etc. It some severe cases, it can even be deadly. Conditions due to heat doesn’t always have to be by being outdoors it has somehow the equal effect indoors as well.

However, the risk of having illnesses due to heat is more for outdoor workers. Heated workplaces in summers also have the risk of illnesses for the employees. As per the general duty clause protecting and providing complete safety to the employees under different environmental conditions and circumstances is mandatory.

For some workplaces situated in certain geographical regions, where it is enough to have the airflow for the employees to be comfortable that can be facilitated by opening a window or turning on the fan, etc.

On the other hand, the offices situated in the geographical location of the extreme summer season, need effective air conditioning units like air conditioning Sydney. The companies need to start preparing before the summer season hit, for the safety of their employees.

The companies need to take the necessary measures to avoid heat illnesses and protect their employees for all the risks of heat caused diseases. For the Manufacturing sector, where the workers have to wear protective uniforms in the factories need more safety.

The summer temperature for the factory workers gets even more difficult because of the equipment clothes that make them feel warmer leading to dangerous effects. Thus, proper ventilation and air conditioning systems need to be installed to avoid serious health issues.

According to the administration of health and safety for employees, the increased body temperature especially in hot weather conditions can cause various types of diseases like skin rashes, strokes, cramps dizziness, etc. The employees with heart conditions are more at risk in such circumstances.

The factory workers cannot even carry out their day to day jobs because of the effects of heat, as the sweet makes the work very challenging for them. There are many employee and labor authorities which have formulated the rules to protect the factory workers and laborers from the harmful conditions of the hot environment.

As per the recent studies it was found that stress-induced due to head is an increasing issue for many workers around the world with their factory or office locations situated in the areas close to the equator. The reports show that the extremely hot weather causes 63% of injuries and health problems for the workers.

To have a more detailed understanding of the effects caused by the heat stress in the workplace, following finding have been listed below; –

Sun exposure means being directly exposed to heat rays by working in outdoors, which is the riskiest situation for the employees. Direct exposure to the sun increases the risk of getting serious health injuries.

The studies on the topic also found that the outdoor works were affected immensely in the summer as compared to the indoor employees. However, the indoor employees also had to face many serious effects but the rate of these employees was less.

The factors that cause the illnesses are: –

  • Direct exposure to the sun
  • High humidity and temperature
  • Indoor beaming heat bases
  • Limited air ventilation
  • Use of the inadequate equipment clothing

Mental and physical exertion

The heat exposure causes dehydration in individuals and for the employees having a certain condition is at a high level of risk. These employees are:-

  • Pregnant women
  • Older age employees
  • Employees with a heart condition
  • Employees suffering from asthma

There are many recommended safety measures that should be adopted in a workplace to protect the employees and the business.

  • Changing the equipment clothing to comfortable and loose clothes
  • Whole-body cotton equipment suits
  • Making sure there are water coolers in the workplace for avoiding dehydration
  • Installing effective affordable air conditioning unit
  • Providing flexible working hours and breaks to the employees

Therefore, all these measures can be adopted by any business of any industry irrespective of nature. How do effective air conditioning units benefit the business to beat the summer heat?

The units regulate air movement in the workplace, reduce humidity levels, reduce temperature, and cool down the area indoors. The air movement can also be done by opening a door and window for ventilation, but that won’t be sufficient to beat the scorching heat rays. The air conditioners will be helpful in fighting the radiant heat on a hot sunny day. The control systems in air condition units have air filters which not only cool the air but also provide pure air to breathe in.

Therefore, installing air condition units like ducted air conditioning Sydney is highly commented to beat the harmful effects of heat and protect your employees and business. Proper safety measures and policies to fight the extreme weather condition will facilitate a comfortable healthy working space which will sustain the productivity levels and increase revenues for the business.

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