Practice these 5 yoga poses regularly for toned legs

Practice these 5 yoga poses regularly for toned legs

Do you fear leg day because of all the pain it causes? You’re not alone! Most people hate leg day but we’re here to tell you how you can make it fun. What’s more, our recommendations won’t be causing you any pain. Yoga can sculpt your legs without causing any discomfort. Don’t believe us? Try out these 5 moves and see the results for yourself.

So, here are the five yoga asanas that will get your legs and butt in shape:

1. Warrior-2 pulse

Warrior pose 2 is a very famous posture when it comes to overall body strengthening. For sculpting the legs, yoga enthusiast, Mrinali has coupled the asana with dips that will help you burn that stubborn cellulite. You need to do 15 dips on each side.

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2. Chair pose

The benefit of the chair pose is its ability to impact the lower body. Your glutes and hamstrings hold your entire body weight when you’re practising this pose. It also has some minor impact on your core as well. You can do five repetitions of the chair pose and hold each one of them for 10 seconds.

3. Goddess pose

If you want to cut all that fat from your inner thighs, this asana will help you with exactly that. It efficiently burns calories and also enhances your overall leg performance. You have to do three repetitions and 10 dips of goddess pose to sculpt your thighs.

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Goddess pose is great for your thighs. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
4. Cossack squats

If you are a runner, this pose is tailor-made for you. Cossack squat helps in stretching the muscles on the inner side of your leg. Most injuries happen due to these small ligaments but practising cossack squats can help you avoid them. Perform this pose five times on each side to see results.

5. Squat sidekicks

This move packs a double punch by combining squats and sidekicks. So, practising this won’t just work on your glutes and high but also your oblique. To make the most of this move, go for at least 10 repetitions on each side.

Ladies, all you need are these five moves to tone up those legs!

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