HYPERFADE™ Face Peels: Its Ingredients and Purpose

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People who have acne-prone skin are vulnerable to breakouts. Moreover, it can cause them self-doubt due to their appearance and inhibits them from going out in public confidently. It may not be apparent to everyone, but appearance is a risk factor for worsening mental health. Moreover, there is no harm in using skincare products because it makes everyone’s skin much healthier and livelier. Nevertheless, an innovative product aims to address the said skin condition earlier and keep skin healthy, called HYPERFADE™ Face Peels. It aims to remove dead skins in our facial pores that also ease irritation and hydrates the skin.

The cell turnover cycle of human skin does not have the capability to fully shed the dead skin, which causes clogged pores. These clogged pores can develop into blackheads, whiteheads, or acne when not taken care of. Therefore, skin care products are also essential to our needs, such as the HYPERFADE™ Face Peels, which unclogged pores, eases skin redness and irritation, and hydrates it for much better skin elasticity to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Moreover, the ingredients utilised in the product are based on dermatologists’ studies and research to produce a product with great outcomes. Hence, there is an assurance of the product’s effectiveness due to the ingredients used to make it and the studies and research done to ensure it works.

HYPERFADE™ Micro Dart Patch Ingredients

The product has six ingredients; wherein each of them has a contribution to achieve effective results, which includes:

  • Salicylic Acid. The product is soaked with this exfoliant, which penetrates the pores to clear out unwanted dirt and dead skin inside it. Furthermore, it is also why the product is effective because it allows other ingredients to enter the skin and be absorbed by it.
  • Glycolic Acid. It is the second exfoliant included in the product, which functions like the salicylic acid that eases the skin’s surface. Furthermore, unlike salicylic acid, it is not oil-soluble; it does not deeply penetrate the skin. Therefore, it acts as a moisturizer to smoothen the face’s texture while also penetrating the skin to remove dead skins clogging its pores.
  • Lactic Acid. It is the third exfoliant, the purpose of which is to brighten the skin while enhancing its barrier. Furthermore, it is like glycolic acid because it’s water-soluble; thus, it only impacts the outer layer of the skin.
  • Niacinamide. Its purpose is to improve the skin tone, which resulted from hyperpigmentation of the skin. It also aids in repairing damaged cells, so it eases the redness of the skin. 
  • Hyaluronic Acid. The exfoliant added to the product causes dryness of the skin; however, this acid negates its impact on the skin as it works to moisturize and hydrates it. Therefore, it supports the skin to retain its soft texture.
  • Allantoin. It is a non-irritating agent extracted from the comfrey plant,and its purpose is to aid the skin to heal and stimulate new tissue growth. Furthermore, it also helps ease redness, enhances skin elasticity, diminishes skin trauma, and has the properties to soothe the skin. 

To sum up, ingredients used to procure the product are very important for having an effective outcome and achieving healthier skin. Moreover, skincare such as face peels helps rejuvenate the skin and be confident every time you socialise.

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