5 Benefits Of Garlic

5 Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic is one of the world’s most popular ingredients. Eaten since the time of the Ancient Egyptians and the Greeks, garlic has long been a cultural and historic favourite, and has been used both for its believed mystical properties, as well as its unique and powerful flavour.

Today, much of the mysticism surrounding garlic has been stripped away by science and research, and we now know that garlic is among the healthiest foods around, offering a wide range of benefits, as we will explore here.

Garlic Lowers Cholesterol

Studies have found that consuming garlic regularly has the ability to lower the levels of cholesterol within the body. One piece of research, conducted on volunteers, came to the conclusion that eating a garlic supplement over a number of months significantly lowered cholesterol, meaning there was a reduction in the chance of developing cardiovascular disease. Eating garlic on a regular basis is recommended, especially for those that are suffering from some kind of heart-related condition.

Great For Immunity

Not only is garlic great for the heart, but it’s been shown to offer potent improvement to the efficiency of the immune system. In one study that involved over 40000 women, those that ate garlic more often, along with more fruits and vegetables, had a lower change of developing colorectal cancer by as much as 35%. The benefits here came from eating the whole food rather than a supplement, and while a supplement can help, most experts suggest simply consuming the real thing, it contains many more healthful compounds.

There Are Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Similar studies have proven the powerful anti-inflammatory effects of eating garlic regularly. For those that suffer from inflammation, especially in the joints and muscles, garlic may be a great way of soothing the pain. Not only should they eat the garlic often but purchasing garlic oil and rubbing it into the areas that are affected can make a noticeable difference. In fact, the Arthritis Foundation recommends using garlic oil to help with cartilage damage caused by arthritis, giving you the chance to enjoy your favourite hobbies.

Good For Hair And Skin

The antibacterial and antioxidant content of garlic is well-documented, and many recommend using it on skin that’s tends to be affected by acne. It simply involves taking a half clove of raw garlic and rubbing across the affected area, although it should be noted that this may cause stinging of the area, so it’s best to do it slowly.

Garlic And Heart Health

More research has found that garlic can offer a positive impact on both blood pressure and arteries. The research suggests that human red blood cells are able to take the sulphur-based compounds within garlic and turn it into hydrogen sulphide gas, which can then cause blood vessels to expand. In fact, this effect is so powerful that some experts recommend it overusing blood pressure medication, although a patient should always consult with their doctors first.

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